Friday, January 18, 2008

C'mon, enough already

Look, I know I live in Maine. Northern state, gets cold in the winter, blah blah blah. But really, enough is enough with the snow already.

This is the second snowstorm this week. Monday was a snow day. Today there is (so far) a 2-hour delay. Which is great for Mark, 'cause he gets to sleep in and get some extra rest.

Kira, of course, is up and has had breakfast and is making herself a super-healthy snack. The girl is on a BIG health kick, which is really awesome. Right now she's wearing my apron, which comes down almost to the floor, and is making "a little fruit salad" for her snack at school. Apple, orange, banana. That and a rice cake, and "maybe something else." She questions me constantly about whether a particular food is "healthy." It's really making me think. Also, she is learning about relativity in a food's healthy qualities, and about moderation.

Speaking of moderation, I think Mother Nature could use a little with this snow. mk


Anonymous said...

i bet she'd love to make sushi- very healthy yummm! what are you doing anyway?

The Beast Mom said...

Sushi in Maine? Lobster sushi perhaps? Is sushi popular there? Just curious...

I think the kids get healthy food lessons at school now and then. I've noticed my kids all of a sudden go on healthy food kicks and then they die down the next week or so. When I ask, they often tell me they did a unit on eating right in class. :) Goes to show MY influence matters not.