Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another day in the life...

So yesterday was busy. And, being me, I did a few stupid things that actually made it worse for myself. But hey, it's more blog fodder, right?

The scheduled activities for the day were: therapy at 9, pick Kira up from Brownies at 4:30, Mark's end-of-season basketball banquet (potluck) from 5:30-7 (which I found out about on Friday through the school's weekly newsletter), and a school volunteer meeting at 6:30 (for which I am the treasurer, and I missed the last meeting).

So, I had to make something for the potluck banquet. The boys' team was in charge of main dishes, and the girls' team did salads and desserts. So what I decided to bring was crockpot baked beans. Now, background is needed on why this was a poor decision on my part. The only other time I had made crockpot baked beans was in 2002, for the party I threw for my parents' 35th anniversary. They came out like bullets. Rock hard. People still giggle about them (by people, I mean my parents. I am less giggly about embarrassing failures.). So naturally, for the school banquet with dozens of people, *I* decide to make something which I have never successfully made! Whoo hoo! So I was in a state of anxiety all day, paranoid that they would be nasty and horrible and I would humiliate myself etc etc. Soaked them overnight the night before and then put them in first thing in the morning and obsessed about them all day. Go me!

Next, in going out to the car to go to therapy, naturally my car wouldn't start. Again. I did get it going after a few minutes, so kind of put it behind me and continued on. Although it delayed me enough that I didn't get to go to the bank before therapy like I'd hoped, to pick up the copies of the checks I needed to submit for the fuel assistance application that has been delayed approval since October because of little things. Anyway, more stress for that. (Therapy went fine, though...no glitches there.) I did get the papers submitted after therapy, though, so that part is just pending their approval, nothing I need to do.

So, got home just fine, obsessed about the beans some more. Got a call from the Brownie leader that she wouldn't be able to make the meeting that day because her daughter was sick, and would I possibly be able to go assist the new co-leader? She'd already called two other people and she didn't want to have to cancel the meeting, etc etc guilt guilt. But I declined. (Which is huge for me, people! I said no! To a direct and specific request for help!)

I had already decided that it made more sense to just stay at the school between Brownies and the basketball banquet, rather than running home and turning around and running right back (less than an hour between the two). I'd just plug the crockpot in at the school, and the kids could play basketball (which Mark was VERY excited to do).

So, brought extremely hot and HEAVY crockpot (double batch of beans) to the school, sat there in the gym for an hour, then we had the banquet, etc. Then I took my beans (WHICH, by the way, turned out GREAT...and in fact, another mom said that she'd done crockpot beans for years and had tried to make some for this and...heh heh...they turned out like bullets, so she couldn't bring anything). Went down the hall for the school volunteer meeting already in progress (and earned brownie points for doing it, because the treasurer, who was also at the banquet for her son, didn't go--she went home instead).

AFTER the meeting, which ended at 7:30....my car wouldn't start. A-FREAKIN-GAIN. The kids and I got a ride home with the president of the volunteer group.

But hey, the beans turned out good.

sigh. Today was worse. mk

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