Monday, January 14, 2008

Kira and the Snow

We're having, you guessed it, another snowstorm. Another day of no school (why always on Monday? I've canceled four or five therapy appointments this winter so far). Up to 15 inches of snow expected by the end of the storm tonight.

Kira is having a blast. As soon as the first flakes started coming down this morning, she was outside. We'd had some rain and warm weather the last week or so, and most of the huge snowfall we'd accumulated had gone, to her great disappointment. She was delighted to hear that we were getting more snow.

So she's been out many times already today. Not always for a long time, sometimes just for a few minutes, once without even remembering to put on her snow pants. She was just running out for a minute to put away her sled that she had left in the driveway, before it got run over or something. Naturally, once outside she got distracted and ended up playing for a while, came in soaked through and had to put on her second outfit of the day. (She's up to four now, I think. Another change of outfit was needed when she smeared candy cane on her new white top [sigh], and another outfit was just because.)

She's just so darn cheerful while she's out there. She found a jumprope and tied it to her new sled (I swear that girl has a streak of dominatrix somewhere...she just LOVES tying things up) and has been dragging it around.

I went to the sliding glass doors and was watching her just trudging around the yard, chattering away to herself in her fuschia jacket and the totally clashing white-and-red hat from her dad's house that she's been wearing, while the bright-blue sled tied with the purple jumprope skids along behind her. She's a flashy rainbow in the snowstorm, where the world is a blur behind the thick white flakes.

Kids are so great about snow. They don't care how cold it is, or if it's currently blizzarding or not. They just want to be out there, creating worlds and adventures for themselves.

So while I was watching and enjoying the snowfall and my contemplations, my gaze wandered over to the corner of the deck where I store the shovels and snow scoop. There are two full-size shovels out there, a Kira-size shovel, and the scoop.

My shovel was missing.

I opened the door an inch or two against the heavy snow swirling at me and yelled out for Kira. After a minute she popped back into view and came up on the deck. She had her hat pulled down so it almost covered her eyes, so had to do that adorable backbend-so-she-can-see-me thing. I pointed out the missing shovel. She replied that she thought she had put it back. I countered by telling her it wasn't there. She waddled over, stared for a minute, and said:


My response: "Find. It."

So she walked out to a random spot on the side yard, got down on her knees, and started tunneling like a dog.

This was not a good sign.

After a few hunts that appeared to me to be entirely haphazard, she successfully located it on the front porch and returned it to its home.

This in no way deterred her from her snow-cheer. In fact, moments later, she popped the door open long enough to yell up to her brother, who is teenage-pouting in his room:

"Mark! You can come pull me on my sled if you want! If you do, thank you!"

And off she went again, completely oblivious that her brother would not find this wonderful offer at all appealing. Gotta love it. mk


Anonymous said...

Hi mk.

* Excellent pictures of your snowstorm. Haven't seen snow like that since the blizzard of '78.

* Sorry to hear about the car troubles. It's 'wicked frustrating' when you can't "recreate" the problems. Have you ever had to deal with the looks on some mechanics' faces when they can't find any problems at all?? Do what I did a long time Toyota.

* I couldn't connect to smartorstoopid either. (Maybe i'm stupid, and that's the game!)

* I'm just catching up on your posts tonight. You might recall me mentioning a brother w/ bipolar issues. Long story short; he was finally held after his 3rd arrest. Ready for this? Stalking my 15 year old daughter!! This has made her physically sick to her stomach. She's actually requested to speak to our family, that's good, I guess.

* School was cancelled down here also......but, again...more dirty snow and ice.

* Hope you can post some new snow-photos.....!


Kate said...

It's funny - my 7-year-old is addicted to the snow. She's out there at 8:00 in the morning on snow days, back inside shivery for hot cocoa, and out again as much as possible. My 3-year-old? Nothing doing. He's very keen on outings that involve *going* somewhere, but he has NO interest in playing in the snow. At all. He spends endless time outside in the summer, but no snow for him.

Just like his mama.

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo- got caught up with one page of your posts so far. thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for helping me set up the "rooter" lol- I'm in heaven!!! lv ya ro
p.s. great posts. man yuou have had some sucky days with that beast of a car of yours.

markira said...

Wow. That's horrible about your brother stalking your daughter. I'm glad she's going to be talking to a therapist about it; I hope it is helpful to her.

Will seriously consider Toyota if I ever get enough money to be able to think about getting a different vehicle. Not in foreseeable future.

lol. Maybe your 3-year-old will like snow more when he's big enough that he doesn't get lost in it. Or not. Bet he likes the cocoa, though! :D

I am SOOOOOO glad you are back online at home! Yeah, my beast car has been very moody, huh? Glad I entertained your class during snack time, though! mk

markira said...

P.S. Try this to get to SmartOrStoopid: