Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Always Wanted To Be In A Band

Thanks to Karmyn for the idea!

1 - Find a Name of band from

2 - The Album Name is the last 4 words of the last quotation from

3 - Cover Art for Album is the 3rd picture from

4 - Use Whatever program to put it all together. (I used Picture It! Express...hey, it's what I've got)

Here's my finished album cover:


Karmyn R said...

Wasn't this fun?

Your album totally reminds me of something I would have bought in the 80's!!!

markira said...

Mark tried this and wound up with The Wailer: Finding Her Way Back.

His Flickr picture was titled "Strangers at a Bus Stop" and was a black n white of a girl facing the camera with a guy profiled in the background. It was perfect.

The Beast Mom said...

That's a cool pic. I like it.
"Finding her way back" is also good.


Anonymous said...


Asalie said...

Great work.