Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Snow. More Snow. Oh, and More Snow!

We have got a SHITLOAD of snow here. We had a big storm here New Year's Eve. And then, we had another one yesterday afternoon till this morning. Between the two storms, we got probably 3 feet of snow. With drifts, four or more feet easily. Fortunately, I got my driveway plowed out both times (very, very nice neighbor). So that left clearing the deck, the steps, uncovering the car, moving the car, clearing the section of driveway where the plow couldn't get (due to, you know, cars being there at the time). Oh, and a path to the pipe to the oil tank.

My assistants (Mark and Kira) have been with their father for the last several days, and so I did not have their help for these diggings. Kira is an enthusiastic shoveler, loves to feel that she's helping, and usually gets right out there before I can even gather myself to think about it. She has a lot of fun with it. Mark is far more reluctant, but when he gets to it, he's very effective. At this point, he's nearly as strong as I am, and has that youthful energy that I sorely lack.

I really, REALLY missed having their help. I've been dragging the last couple of days with a head cold, and last night I didn't get to sleep until about four-thirty or five this morning (and up again around 7:30). I did a LOT of shoveling yesterday, and a LOT of shoveling today. I am T.I.R.E.D.

On the plus side, got myself some great exercise and also lots of sunlight, which should be helpful against my Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Also, DAMN, Maine is absolutely freaking gorgeous in the winter. mk

p.s. The kids are going to LOVE the piles of snow the plow left. Much fun for them. Now if I can just keep Kira off them while she's supposed to be waiting for the bus in the mornings. And make sure I don't lose her in a drift.

update: pictures

I have Christmas lights on the can't see them from the road anymore because the snow is all piled in front of it.That blob of branches in the middle is my magnolia tree in the rock garden.
The view from my front door.

Anyway. Check out Beast Mom's huge snowfall! mk

p.s. No, our snow is not blue. And I did not put a blue filter on my camera. I have no idea. Maybe it's that all the whiteness would just blast out the camera or something. But it's white. Really. So is my house.


The Beast Mom said...

photo? I wanna' see if your house is buried...

oh wait, maybe you can't open your front door anymore...hmmm. forget it. Too. Much. Work.

:) bm

Anonymous said...

Hi mk...

I was quickly looking up the symptoms of s.a.d.,("lack energy to perform everyday activities") and was surprised to see that a person can actually have these symptoms in the summer time..!(wikipedia called it "reverse s.a.d.) That explains a lot!! I've never liked summertime, or excessive heat. I've always liked fall the best--even with the shorter days!!

Down here in MA., we've only had 'dirty snow'; the messy stuff that gets churned up and refrozen in the city streets. It stinks. You've got to drive thru the backroads, and get out to Plymouth, to see the "absolutely freaking gorgeous" stuff.

I'm back to work tonite, 'catching up' on your entries. I'm not sure what to make of your "Panic" posting....wicked graphic!! If you get inclined, please comment....did you experience this attack?


markira said...

bm, pictures are coming. My computer is maxed out on memory, so I can't upload the pics from my digital camera, but I'll have that fixed sometime this week, hopefully. :D

Yup, I experienced that attack...multiple times. It's a fairly frequent manifestation of my panic. Not pleasant at. all.

Fall is my favorite season. I don't handle heat well, so summertime saps a lot of energy from me, as well. Thank GOD for air conditioning. Good thing I live in Maine--I don't see how I would handle summer in a more southern state!

Bummer that all you have is dirty snow. I know I am so fortunate to live where I am, in such a gorgeous setting. Yes, being far away from "civilization" can suck sometimes, but the payoff is pretty darn good. mk

The Beast Mom said...

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about. THAT'S snow.
Unlike the barely visible dust WE have.

Fly away, dust, fly away.
Seattle is terrified.
Fly away, fly away.


markira said...

I'm pretty sure if people just breathe heavy on your snowfall it will melt.

Now if y'all would just stop being frozen in'd heat up enough to go away.. :D