Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Do Not Look To Me For Effective Time Management Tips

So, day off from kids today. I am not really motivated to do much, but it's Anti-Procrastination Day (Wednesday, every week, according to FlyLady), and I'm trying to do at least a LITTLE on my house each day this week, so decided to knock some of my to-do list off.

Loaded up van so that I could take trash to the dump as soon as kids got on the bus. Then I actually steeled myself to call for a hair appointment (last cut was in October--three months is actually good for me, I usually go much longer). I was actually able to get an appointment TODAY, at 1:00, with Allison. Val's still gone. She's supposedly "gone for good," but I still hold out hope that she'll come back. sigh.

Anyway. So, planned to go to town at 8:15 to the dump, and have a hair appointment at 1:00.

Oh yes, and am going to see 27 Dresses with Brenda today, and the best time for her to go is the 7:15 show tonight, and we'll get together at her house around 6:30.

So here's the schedule:

8:15 dump
1:00 hair
6:30 movie with Brenda

Naturally each of these involves a trip to town. Half-hour driving roundtrip. And because combining any two of these in one trip to town involves a LOT of downtime that would probably end up being spent shopping and spending money I really shouldn't spend, I'm actually just going to take each of the three trips in.

Now, whenever I have a time that I have to be somewhere, I am loathe to do much of anything that will possibly result in my being late. So, other than the trip to the dump, which didn't really require much gearing up on my part (but also could not be delayed until closer to the hair appointment, because the van was all loaded up with the trash before I made the appointment, and I didn't want to either unload OR leave the trash in the van long enough to make the entire vehicle stink so that I showed up for my hair appointment smelling like the dump), I end up doing a lot of clock-watching to make sure that I'm not going to be late. I mean, an insane amount of it. Like, right now it's 11:00 and I've been checking the clock obsessively for the last hour to make sure that time has not somehow snuck past me.

So today is going to be long periods of waste followed by times of great fun. (I'm really quite excited about both my haircut, and going to a movie with Bren...we've never been to a movie together, which is funny considering how long I've known her.)

Anyway. This is a great deal of babbling about not much, but hey, it's my blog and if it wastes four or five minutes of the next TWO HOURS before I need to be at the salon (although I'll leave at around 12 so I can do one or two other errands and thereby further justify the trip in), I'm gonna go with it. mk

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