Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Power of Mama Love

So, at 2:00 Kira calls the house...I was on the tail end of a nap and just caught that there was something going on on the answering machine. Went downstairs and she had left a message. In a small, small voice she said that her tummy didn't feel good.

Dilemma: it's Wednesday, X's day for kids. He lives oh, 10-15 minutes away. School gets out at 2:45. Doubtful that he would be interested in driving in to pick her up just to get her out 20 minutes early. Also, what would he do with her then? If he took her back to his house, he would be late picking Mark up. So that meant he would pretty much be sitting there in the car with her.

OR, I could go pick her up (I'm 2 miles away). She could stay with me until school got out, lie down, maybe feel a little better. X could pick her up after he picks up Mark. 45 minutes is a very long time when you're little and your tummy hurts and you don't have a mommy or daddy with you.

I had called X (spoke to D) to see if the school (aka Kira) had called him, and nope. She only called me.

I called the school and talked to Kira. Still small little voice, but not as small as the answering-machine voice. Still, she doesn't call home sick unless she really feels sick, so I decided to err on the side of caution. I went to get her.

X called before I left and I told him what was going on. He had called the school just at the end of my conversation with Kira, and was told I was coming to get her. And yes, he would have told her to stick it out.

After I signed her out at 2:10, we're walking her out to the car, and she says in a MUCH stronger voice, "My tummy feels a lot better. Still a little bit hurts, but I think I could make it."

Took her *back* into the office and asked if I could un-release her. They said sure and praised Kira for being a tough girl.

Me, I think mama love made her feel better. mk

side note: now have Huey Lewis "The Power of Love" in my head. Rock the mullet!


min said...

She has complete power over you. Isn't it great?!

Anonymous said...

OMG I detest Huey Lewis.