Friday, November 03, 2006


Cars are a lot like toddlers when they're sick. As soon as you take them to the doctor, there is no sign of illness. Couldn't be healthier.

Just got my Intrepid back from several days at the mechanic, during which it never once exhibited the behavior that brought it there (refusal to start at irregular intervals with increasing frequency). (And in fact, it started up and I DROVE IT to the mechanic.) Every time Mike went out, it started right up. So we brought it back home, and I have been cautiously driving it around this week, and it has been behaving beautifully, reliably starting every single time I go out to drive it. For four whole days. I truly do love my car when it's working.

So tonight when we went out to pick up Mark from basketball practice, Kira says as she is climbing in, "So, Mom, do you trust your car now?"

And it wouldn't start.

Kira jinxed it. mk

p.s. When we got BACK from basketball practice, I tried it again and it started right up. I think it is out to get me. mk

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