Tuesday, January 29, 2008

File Under: the girl is going to give me a heart attack

So Kira had a friend over today, and the two of them bundled up in their snow gear and headed outside. I hear laughing and happy shrieking, and all is right with the world. With a smile, I walk over to the window to see what is causing such an explosion of glee.

Right in time to watch my daughter jump off the top of the monkey bars.

There is approximately three inches of snow to break her fall. Maybe.

She and her friend were having the grandest time with this one. Over and over and over. I'm not sure they were really aware that for all intents and purposes, they were jumping onto frozen-solid ground. I still don't know whose idea this was. I watched for quite a while with the phone in my hand, ready for 911.

Didn't phase 'em a bit. Not one iota.

I need to go check for gray hairs. mk


Kate said...

My son fell out of my daughter's top bunk this evening. She laughed. He asked when dinner was.

I'm not sure which of them to blame for my latest aneurysm, but I'm certain it's one of their faults.

The Beast Mom said...

Yeah, that would make me nervous too. Totally understandable. At least it wasn't the roof. ;)


Anonymous said...

Ahh, well, what's motherhood without an annual trip to the ER...