Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Strange But True

Saw this idea on another blog and liked the idea....I, too, will add on as I think of more things.

1. I am allergic to aloe.
2. My lucky number is 13.
3. I truly love math.
4. I love math so much I got a degree in it.
5. There is no practical use for the type of math degree I got.
6. I am afraid of monsters.
7. But I love horror movies, as long as I don't watch them alone.
8. I cannot sink, no matter how hard I try. I couldn't sink even when I was dead skinny. I think it has something to do with my terror of drowning. My psychological fear has somehow transmuted itself into a physical ability. (Hey, does that make me an X-Man or something?)
9. I claimed I was addicted to carbs for years before I had ever heard of Atkins.
10. I am still addicted to carbs.

Will add more periodically.

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