Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 9, 2006

Overall fantastic day yesterday. I made it across the pond. It was actually not that bad, I could see myself doing that fairly frequently...what great exercise!!! I'm not sore today at all, either. Mark made it, too...he wanted to do it again later, but I wouldn't let him. (do NOT want the kid to burn out on this)

The movie was good. Ice cream after with the kids was awesome....we were standing under a big shady tree trying to race the melting ice cream....I dripped peppermint stick with chocolate jimmies on my feet. :D

Kimmie came last night and had presents....a gorgeous coral-colored lace cross-over tank top, and some oval multi-drop earrings that look great with it (I'm wearing both to church this morning). She also has a necklace that she's having made with a pearl she got in Las Vegas, but it wasn't ready in time. I was stunned by all the spoiling (but very happy).

Mom & Dad gave me a couple of really great pottery planters, an Olmec Colossal Head reproduction (5" tall), and some $$ to get something just for me. I am *not* allowed to use it for food, kids, or anything non-fun. :D

And the kids gave me tons of homemade cards, little books they'd written & illustrated, and a terrific day spent with them, which was the absolute best.

The only bad part of the day was when X came to pick up Kira. (Mark, you'll recall, is going to summer camp today and so stayed with me.) She went absolutely hysterical about not wanting to go with him, shrieking and crying and refusing to get in the car, then pushing her arms against the door trying to stop him from closing it, and pummeling him while he was driving, screaming that he had to take her back to Mommy's RIGHT NOW (I got the joy of hearing this via cell speakerphone). She eventually did calm down after they got to his house (she called me), but holy cow. He has got to hate this. (I'm not thrilled either) Not fun.

I have to


(later) Wow. My brain completely shorted out for awhile there, didn't it? I was starting to say (before the phone rang and I forgot I was even in the middle of writing it's probably about six hours later) that I have to iron on Mark's nametags before I take him to camp this afternoon. I have now done that job. I was putting it off and putting it off, I have no idea why. It's not like it was a difficult job, or particularly timeconsuming, or even that I was dreading it that much. I just kept not getting to it. Classic procrastination, of which I am all to frequently "victim" to. Gotta work on that. Later. ;)

Right now the pizza is warmed up, Mark and I are going to scoff some down and maybe play a half-hour of Lego Star Wars before we get in the car (WHICH is already packed), pick up his buddy MarkS & mom Mary, throw a little gas in the tank and head to Fairhaven. Hope Mary doesn't cry or anything when she leaves MarkS. *I* won't cry because a) I've done this before and b) I just don't cry. It's a weird thing of mine (I should probably put it on my Strange But True list.....hmmm...another time.


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