Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 11, 2006

Kira is madly packing. We are going to spend the night at camp tonight. First I have to do a little cleaning here, then we have to go to town to get a birthday present for her friend for tomorrow's party, then a little grocery shopping. I don't know how patient Kira will be with all that, she's eager to get swimming. :D

Yesterday we painted the deck table, a nice deep red called "fleur-de-lys". It turned out great. Love it. How I got the table was, when we went to pick up Mom & Dad's refrigerator, the woman gave me a kitchen table. It's a great table. So I brought it home, cut 8" off the legs, painted it, and now it's a deck table. Image

Jonas wrote me an email last night. He was thanking me for the e-card I sent on our birthday (which, of course, he forgot that we share). He said he hoped I enjoyed the present he sent, which should get him off the hook. (What present?) Poor guy blew out his knee two weeks ago, he's hobbling around like the old man he claims he is. (he's one year older than my 35)

Kira and I are doing fantastic on Lego Star Wars. Mark will be impressed with how far we got while he's at camp. (which I'm sure he's enjoying immensely) I'm gonna suffer a little bit of withdrawal today, not being able to play it. ;)

OK, I need to get Kira under control before she packs the entire house for our overnight.


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