Saturday, July 08, 2006

July 8, 2006

Y'know, the coolest thing you can hear one of your kids say is "I am so proud of myself!" And I got to hear BOTH of my kids say that yesterday.

Kira is doing great on her swimming! She has suddenly taken off like a rocket with it. Yesterday she was doing a lot of swimming, INCLUDING: some "distance" swimming--from our dock over halfway to the next dock; she also swam out to the float (with her life jacket on) but then took it off and was swimming "laps" around the float without it. (My dad was out there with her) She's doing so wonderful! And she said she was really proud of herself. That was so cool.

But MARK, Mark AMAZED me yesterday. My parents and I were talking, and one year ago Mark was barely swimming. (Easy to remember because this time last year when he went to summer camp he failed the swim test) Yesterday this is what Mark did: swam from the dock to the float to the NEIGHBOR's dock back to the float and back to the dock---without stopping. THEN....THEN he swam from our dock ACROSS THE POND AND BACK with only a three-minute rest across the pond. (the pond is probably about 150 yards across at that point--my dad spotted him in a kayak) Then when he got back he swam seven laps from the dock to the float and back (the only reason he stopped is 'cause I made him). THEN he went out on the float and jumped off for about an hour. And the only reason he came in at that point was to eat.

He's a bit sore today, but he says it's fine. And he and I are planning to swim across the pond together later. (Dad's going to spot us in a canoe) I've only swum across the pond once before, and that was when I was much, MUCH younger...probably 20.

And today....sigh....I am 35. Mark made me a card, and part of it had a cartoon person wailing "Where have the years gone?" yeah, no kidding.

Well, I'm supposed to be not noticing that the kids are making breakfast for me. (Just like I "didn't notice" that after I sent the kids to bed last night Kira sneaked into Mark's room and they were making cards for me....and I "didn't notice" when I went to give final kisses goodnight when I finally went to bed, that Mark was still awake and was working on some project that he stashed under his covers...and I "didn't notice" when he did a commando-sneak into my bedroom when he thought I was sleeping to leave the card and a comic that he created, on my bedside, I don't notice much, huh?) So I'm going to go up and get dressed etc. We are going to see Pirates of the Carribean 2 this afternoon, yay! That should be fun. Then after that, the cross-pond swim. Hope I make it. It would be pathetic if my 11-year-old made it and *I* needed saving. :D


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