Thursday, July 27, 2006

July 27, 2006

Kenneth & co. went home this morning, and I have spent the entire day in my pajamas.

I have no *reason* to be this wiped out, but I discovered long ago that my body doesn't have any sense of reason anyway, it just does what it wants. And right now, it wants to be exhausted. Even though I've been getting a fair amount of sleep, and have not been doing anything particularly strenuous lately. But the body doesn't care. It wants more rest.

The visit went well. Kira and Kristin (who is 7.5) had a fantastic time together. They had three sleepovers in the nine days K&Co were here (one at my house, two nights in a row at my parents'). They did a lot of scootering at my parents', and both of them have lower legs that are pretty much nothing but a bruise. Kira also managed somehow to shred a hole in the toe of her Hello Kitty mock-Crocs, and got blisters on the top *and* bottom of her big toe...her feet are a wreck. She hasn't been able to wear sneakers in days. But boy are the two of them happy together. (see pic, that's Kira on the right--this is earlier in the day of the shoe-shred, when we were at the ocean)

Not much else to say right now (or, more correctly, there's plenty to talk about, but I'm too tired to expend the effort). So I'll be back.

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