Sunday, July 16, 2006

July 16, 2006

Mark had a wonderful time at camp (no surprise there). He lost a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, a shirt, who knows how many socks, and a towel. He also broke his glasses in half. He passed his swim test and so was able to swim out to the "flot" instead of having to stay in the "crib". His cabin won a week-long competition and were dubbed "East Haven's Elite" with FairHaven T-shirts that say that on the back. :D He didn't take a single shower all week. He only used $4 of the $12 I put on credit for the camp store (he got to keep the $8). They camped outside one night and were telling scary stories, including about the "chupacabra" (which they edited so that it could drain the blood of a counselor in 25 seconds, and a camper in 22), and apparently five boys got so scared they went home. Further stories about the chupacabra were forbidden, but they talked about them anyway. (MarkS wouldn't go out to the bathroom alone and asked Mark to go with him, but Mark said no way) Mark somehow missed being in the cabin picture, which was really cool with all the boys dressed up in cowboy hats and bandanas and printed in sepia tones. He was the "tetherball champion." More stories continue to trickle in.

So. Summer camp was a success. He was cranky as heck yesterday, and tomorrow he goes to Luka's dad's family's camp for an overnight party with "the guys" before Luka moves to South Africa next month. (I got the pictures printed up from Mark's birthday party last month & framed for Mark to give Luka...all the boys together) With all this constant activity, he has got to be running on empty. I can only imagine the meltdown that is coming with him, from total exhaustion. I'm going to try to head it off, but it may not be possible.

Speaking of meltdowns, I absolutely melted yesterday. I got some funky kind of heat exhaustion or something, and just got totally sick. Ended up coming home from camp (before strawberry shortcake!!!) and went directly up to my room, which is the only one in the house right now with air conditioning. It was nice and cold in my room, but I could not cool down, even with cold compresses and a VERY cold shower. I finally just collapsed asleep about 7pm and slept until 7am this morning. Felt a lot better. I NEED to get the air conditioner put in downstairs. Don't know when that'll get done, but it is really important for my level of functioning. I had a hard time again today. Got home about 3 from running around and just FLED to my bedroom. I'm out now ('cause the kids are due home any second and I also had to get the pictures printed), and it's better, but still hot. I have to get Mark's laundry finished up, too. Mary (MarkS's mom) is picking him up about 8:10 tomorrow morning to take both boys to Luka's dad's house. Gotta have the sleeping bag dry by then!

OK, I'm gonna go try to get something accomplished. (short doses of activity, followed by longer periods of recovery)

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