Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bath Mat

So I'm at my parents' house this afternoon, having dropped my car off at the mechanic to have the brakes fixed (boy, I'm glad Mom & Dad have all those cars...I just borrow one of theirs until mine is done). They are madly cleaning in preparation for Kenneth & co. arriving tomorrow, and Mom has just gotten back from picking up a new bath mat.

She's checking out how it looks in the downstairs bathroom, and she's really liking the color, although it's much darker than she usually gets for a mat. She calls my dad in to look, and he decides he doesn't like the color. My mother gets this long-suffering look on her face (the one that says, I've been working my a$$ off on this house and I'm near the end of my rope and you're saying WHAT?!?!?!?!) and says she'll take it back, then.

Dad, recognizing that Mom is near burnout and company hasn't even arrived yet, is quick with a (truly sincere) response:

"NO! Don't take it back! Keep it! I have no taste!"

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