Friday, July 14, 2006

July 14, 2006

Well, I still haven't made it to the grocery store. Mark comes home tomorrow. Kira and I had a major battle of wills that ended with a huge bruise on my arm where she clawed me, a small garbage bag of toys that she has to earn back, and a clean kid-kitchen area. It was pretty nasty for awhile there, but we've gotten past it, and she is rather cheerful now, oddly enough.

Next week is going to be busy. Kenneth & company (meaning Kenneth, his wife Ginnie, and their two kids, Kaitlyn & Kristin) arrive on Wednesday. The kids go with X tomorrow night, come home Sunday night, Monday morning Mark is gone for another overnight party for his friend Luka (oh SHOOT--I have to print some pictures for him and get them framed--need to make big note to self). Kira has a pool party on Tuesday. Supposedly while Kenneth & Co. are here, Kristin is coming for at least one, and possibly two overnights. I am NOT ready yet. Just can't pull my act together.

Well, at least Kira's room is not covered with a pile of clothes. I finally got her summer clothes located in her drawers. Had to empty two drawers of sweaters and pullovers, etc, which are now piled up on top of her armoire (sigh), but you can see her room again.

I don't know WHEN I'm going to be able to get the stupid computer desk out of my upper hallway. I should have INSISTED the thing go out when we put the new desk in Mark's room. But no, I caved to Dad's "why don't we just leave it here for a minute." I knew the thing would just sit there forever, making a mess of my hallway. Grrrrrrrr.

Well, it's not heavy. Maybe I'll see if Mark can help me move it. We'll stick it outside with a "free" sign.

OK. I need to get something pulled together for dinner. Then I think we'll play some more Lego Star Wars. We are kicking TAIL on this thing, considering this is my first real foray into the land of PS2. Mark will be amazed. (and jealous) Heh heh heh.

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