Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley..."**

Well. The overnight at camp ain't happening. Neither is tomorrow's birthday party.

Kira has had not one, but TWO *major* meltdowns today on me. Not sure exactly what triggered them, but they were doozies. One was at my parents' house. The other one *started* at my parents' house, continued on through the 15-minute drive home, temporarily abated but then kicked back into high gear and ended up exhausting us both. She's got a small scratch on her cheek now that she got somehow in the car when I put her in the back seat (she was thrashing around so hard, I'm surprised all she got was that tiny scratch....I actually had to engage the child-safety lock on the back seat to keep her from throwing herself out of the car). About the only thing that differed between her fits with me and the ones that X has described is that she didn't throw anything or hit anyone. She *did* kick the back of my seat in the car, but stopped when I pulled the car over, got out, opened the back seat, put my face right next to her, and told her to CUT.....IT.....OUT.

Anyway. So I cancelled going to camp, and also took away tomorrow's party (which is actually a relief to me). She was more devastated about not going to camp.

I didn't get to do my grocery shopping, though. Maybe tomorrow.

**quote from Robert Burns' "To a Mouse"

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