Monday, May 07, 2007


How the hell I managed to injure my ankle washing the sliding glass doors is a mystery to me. And no, there was no ladder involved. But now I can't sit cross-legged in my office chair while I type, because there is pain. Grrrr.

I haven't posted lately 'cause quite frankly, I've been super busy and when I haven't been busy I've been too freakin' brain dead to think of anything interesting to write. (not that I write so much interesting stuff anyway, but hey, do we really need to get even MORE boring?)

Although I do actually have a lunch date on Friday. That's interesting, right? At least, I *think* I have a lunch date. We have not actually set a time or a place, but we have decided that lunch on Friday would be a great idea. This is with Andrew, who is a guy I've been emailing after meeting him on He seems really quite awesome, which makes me totally suspicious because if he is this amazing why isn't he taken yet? And why on earth is he bothering with me? Because I don't feel that I'm all that great a catch or anything. But obviously he is finding something interesting, because a) he keeps writing and b) he wants to meet me. So we'll see. I'm actually NOT nervous about this Friday, which is odd for me because I get nervous about *everything*, including the Brownie meeting that I have this afternoon followed by Mark's baseball game. *Those* things are making me nervous, but meeting a man for the first time (who sounds totally awesome--oh wait, I used that adjective already, didn't I? ok...well, substitute your favorite)....not even a blip on the radar of nerves. Perhaps because we have not yet set a time and place. Perhaps Thursday or even Friday morning will roll around and I will suddenly realize that this is real, an actual DATE.... with a PERSON I HAVE NEVER MET .... in PUBLIC .... and all my nerves will suddenly explode. But hey, until that actually happens, I'm rolling with the whole chillin' thing. :D

Kira won (in her age group, for her school) the conservation poster contest being held by the Knox-Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District. She was not a *district* winner, but she was a school-level winner. (Mark got an honorable mention for his level.) And for winning at the school level, she was awarded a prize. Her prize was a tree. Which we received on Saturday. And, unlike the 1-foot tall sapling I expected, Kira's tree is over 6 feet tall. It is currently sitting on the deck. I need to plant that sucker. Somewhere. Because my daughter is in love with it. It is an apple tree, and unless you have two apple trees, they cannot cross-pollinate, and thus the apple tree will never bear fruit. But you cannot explain this properly to a seven-year-old, whose response was immediately "Then let's get another tree!" when I am already trying to figure out where the hell I am going to plant this one. (and it's bare-root, which means I need to get it in the ground SOON. Like tomorrow.) Fortunately, I have discovered that if you don't have room for more than one fruit tree, if you hang a can (containing water and flowers from another tree) from the branches of your tree, it can cross-pollinate. So we might get some apples eventually. If I ever actually remember to *do* this.

Here's Kira's poster. The teacher's aide wrote the words on it. The big X on the ground that the sun is shining on is supposed to be batteries. And then the big pink thing on the left is a windmill.

I officially gave notice to the leader of the Brownie troop that this is my last year as a co-leader. I've just been getting too stressed out by some of the details of co-leading, and it's gotten so that I totally dread meeting days, and about the time that happens, I think it's best to step back. Sure enough, I got reinforcement of the wisdom of my decision a little later, because she sent me an email that one of the other parents who was supposed to drive for the Brownie camp-in at the Discovery Museum can't make it, and she (the leader) "doesn't drive to Portland," so another one of the moms was going to drive her car and three other girls could go with me. Just ANNOUNCED it to me. And "Sorry about this." Even though I clearly told her earlier that I was NOT taking my car for this trip. So I emailed back that my car was not reliable enough to count on for the trip. I'm NOT DOING THIS. Y'know how this can work? The other mom who is going down can take HER car, *I* can drive the leader's car, the leader can ride shotgun with me. Because the leader and the other mom are super-close friends, and I'll be damned if the two of them are going to ride together and be all having a good time, while I'm stuck alone having a panic attack in a car with some kids for a two-hour drive. I'm already dreading this stupid trip anyway, and I'm sick of people just assuming that I'm going to do whatever. I'm not doing it. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not.

OK, rant over, and I obviously need to go chill out or something. :D So I'm gonna go fold some laundry. mk

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The Beast Mom said...

I think that is GREAT about your lunch date. I would totally be doing internet dating if I was single. I think it's a really cool way to scope people out. I hope it goes really well at lunch. It's so funny that you wrote about this b/c today I wrote about meeting new friends via the internet. Weird. :)

And BTW, WHY are you dissing yourself my dear? I think you are super fun/funny and have loads of interesting thoughts on life and parenting. You would be a wonderful "catch" for anyone smart enough to keep up w/ you. If anyone who I would want to hang out w/ and get to know better, you would definitely be on my list. :)

So if Mr. Lunch Date doesn't gravitate towards your very interesting persona...his loss.