Monday, May 21, 2007

Photo Fun

I get this photography newsletter from the people at Photojojo, which is a lot of fun. (well, *I* think it's a lot of fun. Ro, who is trying to get them to understand that she, thinks it is less fun. In fact, she is not at ALL impressed with them. But anyway....)

And in one of the recent newsletters, they provided this wicked cool link to a site where you can download a picture of yourself and they can transform it to show you how you would look if you were old, or Afro-Caribbean, or East Asian, or a Botticelli painting, or all kinds of other cool stuff. And because I enjoy freaky stuff like that, I of course downloaded a pic of me and did it. And then did it to Mark. And Kira. And here are some of my favorite shots:

Botticelli markira

mucha markira

manga cartoon markira

el greco mark

manga cartoon mark

Botticelli mark

mucha kira

manga cartoon kira

Botticelli kira

Isn't that fun? Give it a try. Shout out if you do it, and link to your blog so I can go take a look. mk


Jenny said...

I am totally going to do that right now.


Stephanie said...

That is awesome!!

I'd do it, but that's Jenny's territory over at the Mama Drama house...