Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dreams in my Bizarro World

Last night I dreamed that I went out to lunch with a bunch of people from the dorm where I lived. (no, I do not live in a dorm. It was a *dream*) We went to this Italian place where someone convinced me to try an elegant wine with dinner, except by the time I ordered mine, they were out of that wine, so they had to open another bottle of a *different* wine, and the bottle was HUGE. And by the time my order was up, it was time to leave, so we all got in this line to pick up our orders to go. I was the last in line, and I had two giant shopping bags (with handles) full of Italian food and this gigant-o bottle of wine, and I was on my crutches, and it just wasn't happening. And all the people I came with had disappeared.

Fortunately, this guy showed up and offered to help me. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a nutcase, and so I popped into the nearest coffee shop to escape. I discovered that this wonderful, beautiful, HUGE coffee shop, which also sold yummies and then had an entire grocery store in one part, was owned by my friend Erin. (Did I mention that this was in Boston? And that Erin and I both live in Maine?) So while I was waiting for her to finish up with a customer or six, I wandered around the store. And I kept coming across stuff like tote bags and bags of coffee that said "MamaDrama" on them. (in this wonderful spiky script) So I got all excited and kept going around and around the store, just reading aloud the name "MamaDrama." Then a woman came up to me and asked if I needed help pronouncing the name.

I just looked at her and said, "It's 'Mama. Drama.'" (like, WTF. How hard is THAT to pronounce?) And she agreed (duh) and I asked her if she was one of the MamaDrama Mamas. And she got all hedgy on it and didn't want to tell me who she was, but I finally got out of her that she was a regular commenter named Jasmin. (I have no idea if there actually *is* such a commenter by this name.) And I got excited because I totally knew who she was, and I told her I would love to meet a REAL Mama, preferably Jenny or Stephanie, because those are mostly the ones I comment on. (and BTW, I mentioned who *I* was, and she just looked at me blankly, because she had never heard of me) So she said SURE, she could introduce me, and let's go! Right now! 'Cause they were just around the corner!

And then all the people I had gone to the Italian place with showed up, and they were all irritated with me because they had been looking for me everywhere. And I completely bypassed that they had abandoned me in the first place, because I was so excited to tell them about the Mamas, and that I was going to meet them! And I pulled out this map and showed them where the Mamas were. But they made me get my giant bags of Italian (and the wine) and go home.

[And YES, I know that the Mamas are in TEXAS, and this took place in BOSTON.]

Anyway, that was my dream. mk

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Stephanie said...

When do ya wanna meet in Boston? I LOVE that city!

Not that Maine isn't cool; it totally is; I just haven't spent that much time there.

OH, and you are totally psychic to have been in a coffee shop with Mama Drama stuff everywhere; we Mamas really do get together for coffee!