Wednesday, May 30, 2007

CoverGirl Outlast was created for women like me

Things I had completely forgotten that I cannot do when wearing "regular" lipstick:

* Eat
* Drink
* Wear white shirts, because I will inevitably do something that somehow gets lipstick on it
* Suck sour-cream-and-onion potato chip crumbs off my finger without looking like I just chopped that finger off
* Take off lipstick without looking like a four-year-old who has been guzzling Kool-Aid, so that I can stop swearing like a pirate because all of these things have happened within the last ten minutes.

I totally heart CoverGirl Outlast, foreverandeveramen. mk

p.s. Even when my daughter sneaks into my pocketbook when she's 2 years old and does this:

As well as "painting" her closet door with it, the marks of which are still there.

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