Sunday, May 13, 2007


Is it a good sign or a bad sign when, in the attempt to get the giant Gators sipper cup (which I have had since high school) that I use to mix my Crystal Light and vodka **, I knocked the straw-top down behind the washing machine BUT it caught on the top of the hoses and so was easily reachable? 'Cause really, that one could go either way.

It could be a sign that I'm not supposed to be mixing approximately 32 ounces of Crystal Light with several shots of vodka tonight.

OR it could be a sign that in spite of my intense clumsiness, the vodka gods are smiling upon me and allowing me to be saved from myself.

I chose to see it as the second one. mk

** seriously, if you haven't tried this combination, it's really quite good. I prefer the raspberry lemonade. First gave it a shot (ha, ha) during the beginnings of my Atkins diet, when I was trying to find an alcoholic beverage that was tasty but had no carbs. ta-da! And low-cal, too!

[It beats the hell out of the first "wine coolers" that my friend Heather and I made up when we were sophomores. Her parents gave her a bottle of Blue Nun wine ('cause she had just broken up with her boyfriend and was threatening to go into a convent rather than ever date again), and we mixed it with Kool-Aid to make it taste better. Klassy, huh?]

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