Friday, April 27, 2007

Sixth Grade Boy Conversations

Ended up taking Mark and two of his classmates to the Y dance tonight (one of the other boys' parents is bringing them all home). So of course there was much chatter in the backseat on the way there. Some of the conversational topics in this fifteen minute ride included:

* The girl Eddie danced with last time who now has a boyfriend
* The roaring twenties project that they're doing in school
* Where in school was the best place to record their podcasts
* Which girls in their class liked which boys
* Teasing Mark about Cleo, and the rock star and the author (Cleo's ambition is to be a rock star and dye the ends of her hair purple)
* How awesome Mark's rock star outfit had been, and how he probably would have won that day if he hadn't already won for Pajama Day
* How unfair it was that the student judges picked their friends for winners during Spirit Week
* How cool their shirts had been for Twin Day
* Whether any of them knew what Isaiah's current event had been about that week
* Whether it would be better to vote in a woman President first or a black President (and some disparaging remarks about Hilary)
* Who they were going to dance with, and Eddie said he needed to get to Abby (whoever she is) before Evan did (Evan just laughed.)

Then as we were pulling up to the Y, Mark commented about all the cars that were already there dropping off kids. So I said, "Yeah, and I see girls!" At which point cute little Eddie about convulsed in the back saying, "Girls? Girls? Are they SEXY?" And then they giggled hysterically when I replied, "Oh yeah, WICKED." (WTH, Eddie, you're asking a MOM this?)

I love seeing them doing this, all going together and hanging out. Even if they never even talk to a girl tonight, it's a great opportunity for them to hang out together. They don't get that enough.

I wish I was the one picking them up. I'd LOVE to hear THOSE conversations. mk

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, to have been a fly on the wall...