Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another Confirmation That I Am a Geek

Like we needed more.

Here is a shirt that I painted this weekend. The original plan was to wear it to the Star Wars Celebration at the Camden Public Library, but that was postponed to a later (undetermined) date, because one of the 501st stormtroopers had a family member shot in Iraq. **

So anyway, my shirt:

The kids want me to paint in the "Darth" part also, but I really like it the way it is. Actually, I kinda wish I hadn't painted in the "Mom" (it's silver, not white like it looks here)....but, c'est la vie. mk

**It occurs to me that I never actually wrote about this. Local library was going to have a Star Wars celebration to honor the 30th anniversary of the movie. The 501st Garrison Stormtrooper Club was going to be there. Really, go check them out, they are kickass. I think (ok, I KNOW) that I was more excited about seeing these guys than the kids were. mk

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