Thursday, May 04, 2006

T-ball/Baseball Circus

Oy. I am so tired. Tonight was Kira's first T-ball practice, from 6-7. Mark also had baseball practice, from 5-6:30. Naturally these are not at the same place, and in fact are as far apart in our little town as is possible to be. So I take Mark to practice, and Kira played on the playground at the park for awhile until it was time to run her over to the school for T-ball. I get her set there, asked another kindergarten mom to just kinda keep an eye out (even though the coaches are in charge and there are parents everywhere), and I run back to the park to pick up Mark (and my friend's son Jason, because she had an appointment and her husband would be just a few minutes too late to get him). Bring Mark and Jason back to the school (driving past Jason's house, mind you). Randy was there waiting, so Jason popped into the car and away they went. And I got to see about 13 minutes of Kira's first T-ball practice.

She did hit the ball on her first swing, which didn't surprise me much, because she can hit balls that are pitched to her, as well as throwing a ball up the air herself and then swinging at it and hitting it, so a stationary ball should be no problem. She ran to first, then she ran back and took off the helmet. Coach told her she needs to keep the helmet on. She was not impressed, kind of pouted her way back to first and put the helmet back on. She hasn't actually played ball with more than just her and Mark, so she didn't quite get it that she needed to run to second when the next kid hit the ball, but the parents kinda took charge of that for their own kid ("Kira, RUN....RUN TO SECOND!"). Then when she was coming from third base she didn't go to home plate! She ran to the back of where all the kids were lining up to hit. I told her she needed to go to home plate, and she just wouldn't do it. The last kid had come up to bat (the last kid gets a "home run" so they can all run all the bases) and all three other kids went to home plate before Kira finally went over and kind of hesitantly tapped a corner of the plate with her shoe.

So, they've had their first practice and now on Tuesday they're going to have a "game" with the other team of T-ballers (they had so many kids sign up for T-ball they had to have two teams, and each team has 13-15 kids on it). That should be interesting. Next week I won't have the run-back-and-forth that I did tonight, though, because I have an arrangement with Mary S, who is Mark's best friend Mark S's mom. I take the boys *to* practice, she picks them both up. Mark will end up being home alone for about 15 minutes, which is fine. (he *WILL* have instructions to use that time to get his shower taken care of). That arrangement fell through today because a)I agreed to pick up Jason, which frigged everything up anyway b) Mark S. was sick and didn't go to practice.

I at least got the logistics worked out for Saturday morning. Kira's "bestest best" friend India is having a birthday party at the park at 11. Mark has an AWAY game that he has to be at by 9:30. However, India's mom said tonight at T-ball that India would *love* it if I dropped Kira off at her house early and then they would just take her with them to the party at the park, and they had to be at the park for her son's game at 1 anyway (which is why the party had been moved from the original time of 1:30, which worked great for me, to 11, which was somewhat more challenging). So I'm dropping Kira at India's at 9, getting Mark to his game by 9:30, I'll actually be able to watch HIS ENTIRE GAME and then we'll go pick Kira up at the park. It'll work great. Maybe I'll bring a picnic. hmmm.

OK, CSI is on in like 1 minute, so I'm off.

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