Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Purse Contents "Tag"

Got this from Beast Mom....do it if you'd like. :D

The contents of the purse I am currently using (which is a red paisley-embossed leather with a brown braided-leather strap) are as follows:

Clipped to the outside ring of the strap is my keychain. I have keys to my car, my house (two different keys), my parents' house, two keys to camp, one key I'm not sure of but knew I needed at one time and could probably narrow down if I really really thought about it, a pewter Women of Faith keychain, and a green marble mini-swiss-army-knife-type multitool. In the outside pocket I have two expired JCPenney coupons, a beige ponytail holder and a connected small zipper pouch that is actually empty. I should do something with that.

Inside I have the receipt from the bank deposit I made this morning; a zebra-pattern glasses case with my glasses in it; a pair of sunglasses that will no doubt be scratched up before long if I keep just stuffing them in my purse; an At-a-Glance 2 Year planner; my checkbook which only has one check left in it; a small notepad that says "Volunteers Always Caring Always Sharing" that I got from the school last year; my fuzzy-leopard-print-covered wallet that holds what little cash I have as well as assorted gift cards & miscellaneous informational cards; a small burgandy fake-leather telephone/address book; a small wallet of photos, all of my kids except one contact card my dad made for himself that I forgot I stuffed in there; grocery receipt from May 9th; Reny's receipt also from May 9th; a keychain/3 ft measuring tape; two pens, (one of which says my name and always stays clipped to the pocket that holds my cell phone, the other from a close family friend's business); my cell phone, in its own little pocket, although the red dye seems to be rubbing off on the phone keypad; a trial-size hand lotion (Winter Candy Apple) from Bath & Body Works; a 3 oz anti-bacterial hand gel (Coconut Lime Verbena) also from B&BW.

In the zippered interior pocket, which I often forget I even have, there is a small bandaid dispenser that I got at last summer's Lobster Festival parade; an emery board; the headset to my cell phone; a Blistex; a ChapStick; CoverGirl Sleek Suede lipstick; dental floss.

Until last night my purse also contained my son's watch, which he gave to me at a game a couple of weeks ago because they're not allowed to wear any kind of jewelry, which I promptly forgot I had in my purse and have been giving him holy hell for losing and threatening to make him buy a new one out of his own money, which I found last night and sheepishly returned with many many apologies.

And what's in YOUR purse?

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