Sunday, May 21, 2006

Kamikaze Squirrel

While waiting for X to bring the kids back tonight, I happened to look out the sliding glass doors and saw a squirrel running down the roofline of the neighbor's house. Having nothing more pressing to do, I watched it. There were actually more than just the one; at one point I saw four squirrels at once. I think they have some kind of nest in the eaves of the neighbor's house. They were hanging out on the eave, and it almost looked like one got stuck. Then it popped out on the electricity or cable wire coming away from the corner. It kinda hung there on the wire for awhile, bouncing a bit, at one point upside down. Then it went back on the eave, and while I was watching, it looked like it FELL from the roof, down two stories to the ground. The other two/three squirrels ran back and forth for awhile, up and down the roofline and onto the eave, then over the gutter back to the roof. After a few minutes I saw a squirrel (I am assuming it is the one that fell), running back UP the side of the house to the eaves again! It was totally wild to watch. Then after a few MORE minutes, a squirrel went off the eave AGAIN. (I don't know if it was the same stupid squirrel, or a different one--and no, they are not flying squirrels, just your garden-variety grays.) This time it was more apparent that it didn't fall straight down....the thing LEAPED away from the eave, and past the window!!!! Again, a few minutes later, it ran back up the side of the house.

I had to talk to someone at this point and tell them what I was seeing.....called my parents. While I'm explaining what I saw, the squirrel banzai-ed from the roof AGAIN. (I'm mid-sentence and yell "WHOA! There he goes again!") My parents, while agreeing that this was completely bizarre behavior on the part of the squirrel, were not as impressed as I was, and didn't stay on the phone long. :)

I can only imagine being inside my neighbor's house, on the second floor and looking out the window to see a squirrel zip by.

I never did see the squirrel go back up after that third jump. Hope he made it.

Which reminds me to check Beast Mom and see if the frog survived.

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