Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lawn Mowing Season Has Begun!

Well, I finally got off my butt and mowed the lawn. 1st time this season. I did it in four "chunks", mostly so I wouldn't pass out (it was a close thing for awhile there--yes, markira, it takes great brains to go mow the lawn in the middle of the freakin' day, with the sun beating down on you). Took me about 2 hours altogether. The first time is always the longest. Loving my iPod for this--pathetically, having access to all of my music while I was out mowing the lawn was a HUGE factor in my decision to get the iPod in the first place. Prior to that I used a Walkman. With a CASSETTE TAPE.

I have probably now got a sunburn, it's hard to tell because I am still purple from the exertion. Gotta love my fair skin and how easily I turn lots of pretty shades of red and purple at the least provocation. But the lawn looks SO much better.

Got an email from the eBay lady that I should get my tomato plants tomorrow, she UPS'ed them on Tuesday. I emailed back that I was really looking forward to getting them because they were for my grandfather who had just been diagnosed with esophogeal cancer. *She* emailed back that her grandfather died of cancer and if my grandfather wants any more plants, she'll send them free. I was just blown away with how nice that was. Just when you think the world has become a totally selfish, me-me-me place, a perfect stranger will reach out and show an amazing amount of caring and generosity. It really gives my faith in people a big boost.

Kids will be home at any second and I still have to hose off the lawnmower and put it to do that.

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