Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May 10, 2006

Well. I have had quite a relatively relaxing day today, hopefully it will help for the rest of the week. After the kids got on the bus I just flat-out went back to bed. Read a while, and slept a little more. Got back up around noon, feeling much more well-rested, although I don't think a bit more sleep tonight would be remiss either. :)

Parents came and delivered the doors that we are eventually going to install on the side shed, and while they were here picked up my trash to take to the dump. Yay. Saved me a trip.

It's been raining all day, so Mark's baseball game got cancelled. Kids are with X tonight anyway, so I didn't *have* to go, but I always feel guilty missing things just because it's X's day. So, no guilt tonight! Well, at least not for THAT. Still guilt 'cause I didn't really do any cleaning today, but y'know what? The house will SURVIVE.

Uploaded a few more CDs to the iPod today, which I am listening to right now. Eventually I will have my whole collection on here, I think. (I can fit like 8000 songs on here. I don't even think I OWN 8000 songs) Right now I am listening to Pink Floyd "The Wall." This is always a risky listen, as it can often trigger a big ol' depression for me, but today I seem to be doing all right with it. Of course, just now the lyrics to "Vera" are piping into my head ("VERA, VERA....WHAT HAS BECOME OF YOU?".....Vera is my grandmother's name, who passed away last June). OK, that song is over.

I am also buzzing happily to a little bit of Smirnoff Ice Triple Black. (they were out of Twisted Raspberry, which is what I usually get. However, this Triple Black is going down reeeeeeally easily and is not making me feel at all queasy like the raspberry sometimes does...hmmm) I am at a point of relaxation now where I am realizing just how tense I actually am, because my neck and shoulders HURT like HELL. I could really use a good hard massage right now, which of course isn't going to happen, so I've got one arm wrapped awkwardly around my back trying to rub some tight muscles, which is only serving to tighten up the other side....I need to unpretzel myself and just give up. :D

("I.......have become.......comfortably numb......."PF)

Got a postcard from the church today, telling me they miss seeing me in Sunday school (hint HINT hint, get your a$$ to church!). Maybe I'll try to go this week. I don't know what my major malfunction has been about getting to church, I always feel so much better after I go. Just when Sunday rolls around, I freeze up and don't go.

Yeah, I've just changed over my music. Nine Inch Nails. My range of music is just bizarre. The CDs I downloaded today are a perfect example. Nine Inch Nails (Pretty Hate Machine), Pink Floyd (The Wall), the Titanic soundtrack, and Les Miserables, the Complete Symphonic Recording (International Cast). These are the concerts I have been to (yes, four concerts in my entire life!): The Monkees 25th anniversary reunion tour, Marilyn Manson (yes, I know), Alan Jackson, and Steven Curtis Chapman. Plus, of course, seeing the various performers at Women of Faith conventions--especially Nichole Nordeman, who I have LOVED since I heard her.

Speaking of schizoid conflicting interests in the arts, I read today that Anne Rice (she of Interview with a Vampire fame), having written some 25+ Gothic novels, many involving vampires and other interesting creatures, has rediscovered God and Catholicism and is now writing a novel (or who knows, it might be in print already, I didn't think to look at the date on the article) about the youth of Christ, from His point of view. Yes, THE Christ. I don't know, I think considering some of her previous subject material, I would be afraid of bursting into heretical flames just trying to outline that particular book. Man, if I feel guilty about just reading her books (and ENJOYING THEM!!!! YES, I ENJOY THEM!!!!!!!!), I cannot imagine trying to reconcile my Christianity with having *authored* books like that. On the other hand, most of her characters are morally tormented individuals, in a constant state of agony over what they have become and have been forced to do.

Oh, who knows. More than likely, this is a Smirnoff argument. (and oh joy, I've given my parents a link to my blog....what in hell was I *thinking?*)

Yeah, enough blogging already.

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