Monday, November 13, 2006

Small Town Shopping SUCKS

Mark wears glasses. As a result, when he is playing sports, it is recommended that he either wear sports goggles, or have a sports strap for his regular glasses. Last year I picked one up for him, that I think he wore *once*, and then it disappeared. I somehow managed to find it over the summer (I have NO idea how...but it probably had something to do with him absolutely not needing it at that time). His basketball coach this year specifically requested that he wear one.

SO. He wore it for his first game. The next game he was with his dad. I sent the sports strap. This game, mind you, was LAST WEDNESDAY. This morning, I'm doing the double-check that he has all his gear for tonight's game (I know you see this coming):

mk: Basketball uniform?
Mark: Got it.
mk: Clean socks?
Mark: Um.....yeah.
mk: Basketball sneakers?
Mark: In my backpack.
mk: Sports strap?
Mark: ummmm....I think it's in my sneaker. [note: this is Mark's idea of safekeeping.]
mk: I want to SEE it.

Mark goes to get it. Brings it to me, along with his backpack and ONE sneaker.
Mark: It's broken.

It was indeed broken. Missing a piece, even. Which could not be located. SO, being the dedicated mom that I am, I go once again in search of a new sports strap.

Mind you, I did this search when basketball first started, when we could not initially find the one from last year, which thankfully showed up just in the nick of time. But meanwhile, I had searched at Reny's, TJMaxx, WalMart (sports AND jewelry sections), JCPenney (you never know, and I was there anyway). No luck.

So today I searched WalMart again (even though I have checked each of the probably dozen times I have been there since basketball started). Looked at Olympia Sports. Shaw's Supermarket (the guy at Olympia said that's where his dad always got them). Midcoast Optical. None of these places even CARRY them. Even the GLASSES STORE!!! I have now checked, over the course of a couple of weeks, seven different stores in a tri-town area, with absolutely zero luck.

However, while I was doing the grocery shopping (and mentally thinking about somehow supergluing the glasses to his hair or something), I desultorily glanced through the health and beauty aids department at Hannaford....and FOUND THEM.

The stupid things were $1.39.

I bought all of them. mk


Anonymous said...
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elise said...

Brilliant. That's always what happens, isn't it? You go in search of a specific item, can't find it anywhere, and as soon as you don't really need it or expect to find it anymore, there it is.

This also holds true for women's clothing; when you have an event you MUST buy for, there is nothing you like, but when you are supposed to be shopping for someone else? It's raining clothes. For you. All at once.