Tuesday, November 07, 2006

And the first game is a W

Boys had their first game tonight. They won, 41-8. Mark scored 4 of those 41 points, and assisted in at least 4 more. He did really well for his first game, and for being the youngest boy on the team. Mama was proud. :D

I had us stay for the girls' game afterwards, even though it isn't a requirement. The girls lost. 30-9. It was interesting to watch them in comparison to the boys, because while the girls weren't as skilled with ball handling, they were MUCH more willing to take it to the ground wrestling over the ball.

Tabitha King wrote a fantastic book that focusses a lot on high school basketball (among other, um, high school "sports"), called One on One. It's my favorite of Tabitha's books. If it weren't for some of the more "mature" subject matter that is intertwined throughout the entire book, I would have Mark read it just for the basketball descriptives. [side note: Tabitha is an excellent author. I highly recommend her books, with the exception of Small World, which is just odd. But her other stuff is excellent. side side note: Her sister Marcella was my high school Spanish teacher. And yes, Tabitha is Stephen King's wife. But her writing style is completely different and totally worth your time. Check her out.]

Anyway. I've got some stuff to do, including getting Mark's uniform washed, as he has another game tomorrow after school. That one's an away game. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna take a miss on that one, mostly due to my car being rather unreliable at this point. I could probably catch a ride with another parent, but I'm not really comfortable with that quite yet. X is going to the game. The height of weird would be if I caught a ride to the game with HIM. Not even gonna ask. (although it would be very interesting to hear how he would phrase the refusal. Because I think he would rather have surgery without anesthesia rather than be trapped in a car with me for a couple of hours.)

Gone. mk

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