Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nothing to see here folks, move along

My life, for all its random running-around, is really quite boring lately. At least for those who are not markira.

I mean, *I'm* totally psyched to sit there on the bleachers and watch the boys run around and shoot baskets. But it's not like any of them are Michael Jordan or anything, so it's really not that interesting for anyone else. Even though one of the team members is like freaky-scary-attractive, in an I-only-mean-this-objectively-because-I-am-NOT-a-pedophile kind of way. It's just that he *so* does not look fourteen, and I am sure that his poor mom is having a heart attack about it. I say this with complete sympathy, because if MARK had those kind of muscles, and did that hair-tossing thing that this kid does, with those total bedroom eyes going on, and flirted with EVERY SINGLE GIRL in the seventh and eighth grade, I would absolutely feel the need to either lock him in his room forever, or heavily, HEAVILY invest in saltpeter. Fortunately, Mark is entirely too much of a geek still to attract that kind of attention. WHEW. But it does add an extra element of interest to the basketball games.

And I'm sure that everyone is entirely maxed out on hearing cute-Girl-Scout-stories, even if I *had* any, which I don't particularly, even though it seems that entirely too much of my time is sucked into the Girl Scout stratosphere, especially when you consider that we only meet every *other* week. Yet I am somehow always working on Girl Scout stuff. Huh.

I'm not really sure where all of my time disappears to. Because these two activities have somehow drained me totally these last few weeks. Well, that and the housework and the bills that have to wait to get paid because X's place of employment seems to still be unable to actually send child support payments in a timely fashion despite having four years of practice at it. Plus we have the new therapist that I have so far had one session with, and have my second tomorrow. I'm not sure how well this is going to work out, but am willing to give it the ol' college try (how long do we get to say that when we graduated 13 years ago? Is this like a lifelong phrase we have free access to? What do you say after the expiration date on that?)

And yes, I am babbling, and no, I really have nothing at all of significance to say.

Oh, quick funny. Or at least, *I* got a chuckle, but in my present state of mind, that means very little. I was reading a Michael Crichton book called Airframe, which deals heavily with all the wonderful things that can go wrong with airplanes. Picked this book up secondhand. And towards the end, I found that the previous owner had left a bookmark in it. Which airplane ticket stub. What kind of IDIOT reads about airplane dysfunctions anytime surrounding a flight? Anyway, I got a chuckle.

Now I'm going back to reading another Michael Crichton, which I have just discovered (five pages in) that I have *already* read (I HATE that, but I can't remember all the books I've read just by title, or even the plot summary on the back/front insert, so it occasionally happens that I get duplicates). I had this just happen to me with (yet another) Michael Crichton, Rising Sun. I'm seriously considering tanking this one and going on to a Ken Follett I have upstairs, Key to Rebecca.

OK, so now that I've bored everyone, including myself, to tears, I'm off. mk

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