Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cannot think of Title

I'm more than a little fuzzy-brained today (hence the complete inability to think of a title for today's entry), but I do know that once again I have found something better to do than the enormous mountain of laundry that continues to grow and grow until it will eventually fill the entire house.

I am going to the hospital to visit Nevan.

My very good friend Claire delivered her baby on Oct 23rd, unexpectedly. Six weeks early. He was born at Maine Med in Portland, but has now been transferred to PenBay, so I'm gonna go check him out now that he's had a couple of days to settle in.

Having no idea what I can do that will be comforting or helpful to a preemie (I'm sure just my mere presence is not nearly enough), I'm going to go make a fresh salad for Claire. I'm sure her life has been filled with take-out and cafeteria food in the last week, which is no way for a new mom to take care of herself. So I will force-feed her vegetables, making sure to omit the tomatoes that she hates. I will probably also bring her fresh fruits.

If anyone has any experience at all with preemie moms, could you make some suggestions for ways I can help/show support? My mind is a blank. mk

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The Beast Mom said...

You might want to ask Will's mom on her blog or "Life's Little Surprises" blog since they both had preemies. I don't know much about how to help someone in this situation. I haven't been around it firsthand. Both my kids were full-term babies.

It's good of you to go over and bring her some food - everyone can use that kind of help after a baby is born!

liked your Halloween photos by the way. cool costumes!

Sorry I didn't have time to do your Halloween tag - it was too crazy this week.


Dark intense colors, eh? Very interesting...thx for answering me! Random thoughts I have, eh?