Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Day After

Well, we survived last night. It was a little hectic after school. Mark had basketball practice from 5-6:30. This seriously screwed up the plans for the night. So, as soon as the kids got off the bus, I popped Kira into her costume, we headed out for the 15-mile drive to spend 5 minutes visiting my sister, then another few minutes at the old daycare, then to my grandparents' house, then to my parents', then (already running late to get back to the school for basketball) at my friend Tracey's parents' house, then had to stop back at the house so Mark could change into shorts & shirt, rush to the school to deliver him to practice 10 minutes late, fly to Eddie's house to drop off the goodie bags that are a tradition, then 10 minute drive to Camden to do the trick-or-treating. Were *supposed* to meet up with Patti and her kids, but they were running late and I had my berserker schedule to keep to, so it didn't work out and Kira and I were on our own. The first couple of houses Kira was very nervous, but then the ladies at the door went nuts on how adorable and creative her costume was (we got a lot of that last night), and she was golden. Had a hard time holding her back, actually.

We didn't get to t-0-t very long, and had to stop midway down Pearl St. in order to do the other side and get back to the car. And because I was wearing stupid shoes that were great for walking, but not for any faster pace (note to self: wear sneakers next year), we wound up being 10 minutes late picking up Mark from basketball. (which he was fine with, and he wasn't the last kid there, so that's ok)

Home before seven, and then feed the kids, get showers, wade through the mountains of treats to bring them to some semblence of order, and then collapse. Whew.

The sour point of the evening was a phone fight with my parents. I fielded about a billion calls from my mom throughout the day, asking me whether I had gotten in touch with Patti, what my plans were, whether Kira was going to be doing Camden with Patti, etc etc. (which did NOT help my frame of mind, I already had enough pressure, and she was adding to it, but whatever) Anyway, they called WHILE I was trick-or-treating to remind me that I had to pick up Mark (like I didn't already KNOW this), and then AGAIN to ask whether I was on my way back to get him (which I wasn't, and I *knew* I was running late at that point). You know that point where you aren't actually late yet, but you know that no matter what you do, you *will be* late, because there just is not physically enough time to do what you need to do before you get to where you need to be? That's where I was. So I cut the call a little short, because talking was distracting me from my mission, which was to get Kira back to the car. (it was dark, there were tons of people, I had a phone in one hand and a flashlight in the other, which left no spare hand for Kira. Jettison the phone call.) Promised to call once I was in the car.

Made promised phone call, so that they could each get on an extension and tag-team berate me for being late. I was saying "it's okay" and Dad started with "MARK'S not okay, he's waiting" and I just cut him right off with "I AM GOING AS FAST AS I CAN, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO????" At which point *HE* gets all offended and decides he needs to get off the phone. So I snapped, "Fine. Goodbye." and hung up.

So there will be awkwardness the next time I talk to them. Yay. I actually DREAMED about this last night. I dreamed that they apologized, saying that they realized that I was doing the best I could, that I was only one person, and that they knew that yelling at me while I was in the car on the way to pick Mark up was not helpful, and that in fact I WAS a grownup and didn't need their lecturing. Sigh. It was a nice dream. Won't happen, of course.

Impossible Timeline markira Had to Keep:
3:00 kids get off bus
3:30 in car, ready to go, Kira completely costumed (we made this one)
3:50 at sister's, to be followed by:
grandparents (4:15) <== we got stuck here, visited longer than anticipated
parents (arrived there at 4:35)
Tracey's parents
pick up McDonald's (this didn't happen)
15 minute drive back to house (so needed to leave Rockland by 4:40 at latest--didn't)
stop at house for Mark to change clothes (did not take into account poky-ness of child)
5:00 drop Mark at basketball practice (5:10-5:15)
5:05 drop off goodie bags to Eddie's (5:25)
5:15 arrive Camden (actually arrived around 5:40)
6:15 leave Camden (left 6:30)
6:30 pick up Mark from practice (6:40)

Anyway. I'm off. I think sneaking a mini-snickers will help. mk

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