Friday, November 03, 2006

Freak boys

One of the other basketball moms was asking me the other day what size feet Mark has. He's about a 9 right now. So she said that she had a pair of Nike basketball sneakers that her son Justin had worn for about a week and was complaining that they hurt his feet, and she'd give them to me if I wanted. They were 9.5. I said sure, that'd be great. (later checked the fit of the Nike basketball sneakers that Mark is currently wearing, and he's about ready to grow out of the 9's, so this is awesome to have the extras.)

So anyway, ran into her tonight when I was dropping Mark off at practice, and she said she had the shoes with her, because she took Justin down today to get new ones. And then she said, "No wonder he said they hurt his feet. The ones we got today are 11.5's." He was wearing sneakers TWO SIZES too small.

Now, for those who have not had preteen/teenage boys, you may be thinking, What an incredibly neglectful/unobservant mother to not notice that her son needed new shoes! How cruel! How awful!

Well, let me tell you. Boys at this age grow at an absolutely freakish rate. Mark grew an inch a month during July and August. He started the school year (September, mind you) wearing a 14, and some 12's. He is now in a 16. About every other day he comes downstairs wearing a pair of jeans that fit at the beginning of the school year, that are now way too short. He was wearing 6.5 shoes at the beginning of the summer, and is now in 9 or 9.5. And he is ELEVEN.

Freaks, I tell you. mk

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