Tuesday, October 03, 2006

X is an Idiot (part 27 million)

X called me yesterday to tell me that he's scheduled an appointment for Kira with the pediatrician regarding these meltdowns she's having at his house. And the appointment is on a Tuesday (because the doctor's office isn't open on Wednesdays, when he has the kids). So I said, "so you're going to pick her up?"

Silly me. See, X expected that *I* was going to take her, because *he* has to work. Even though this is a problem that he's been having at HIS house, that I *haven't* been having at my house. Even though every single question the doctor was going to ask was something I wouldn't be able to answer, having y'know, NOT BEEN THERE. Or even kept AWARE of the problem for the last several months. So I tried explaining that to X. And I got:

"But you ARE her mother."

Well, yes, I AM her mother. But I still HAVEN'T BEEN THERE when she's had these big meltdowns. So when the doctor asks "what happens" " what triggers them" "how long does it last" "what do you do to try to calm her down" etc etc, I would be answering repeatedly "I don't know." Um, TOTAL WASTE OF TIME.

And X got MAD at me. How the hell does this become my fault?

Idiot. mk

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