Friday, October 13, 2006

Nonrelated ramblings

Two things that have popped into my head that hopefully putting down in the blog will exorcise:

1) I totally recind my decision to possibly allow Mark access to my glue gun. This said after spending half an hour burning the hell out of my fingers creating Kira's tooth fairy wand (although the wand turned out pretty's heavy as hell, though. I mean, the thing is SOLID. It's also HUGE. We're talking a ten-inch tooth on a stick.). (I will at some point post a picture.)

2) Who the HELL does Kevin Federline have dirt on to get him on CSI? I cannot STAND that individual, and seeing him on last night's show was just not good at all. He is just SUCH an idiot. I have hated him just from looking at PICTURES of him, and that's before seeing him on TV. It did not improve my opinion of him. It's actually rather irrational, my extreme dislike of him. I've just never EVER seen a picture of him where he looks anything other than a lowlife sleaze. (yay Nick for punching him!)

OK. Maybe now I can move on. ;) mk


The Beast Mom said...

So, so, was the friend outing? I hope it was a grand time! I love it when friends do things like that.

BTW, I have no idea who K. Federline is ( I know I'm totally out of it and might as well live on another planet). But your reaction to him and even just his photo - I totally understand. I feel that way about a few people too - and it's probably unfair of me or whatever, but some people look and act like big idiots on tv or elsewhere. The biggest turn off are the guys that think act like they are god's gift to womankind. I don't need a gift like that, do you? :)


markira said...

Friend weekend was good, once I got past the period cramps that started in full force during the drive down, which necessitated a stop in Gardiner so I could throw up in the bathroom of the supermarket. Other than that, weekend was generally noneventful and fun.

Federline is the ex-backup-dancer husband of Britney Spears. You're not missing ANYTHING AT ALL by not knowing who he is. I wish *I* didn't know who he was.

And no, those kind of gifts I generally return. :D mk