Friday, October 27, 2006

Costumed Kids

Kira, as Dorothy, two years ago. (Mark was a Dementor.)

Mark, as a zombie rock star, last year. (Kira was Darth Vader.)

Halloween Carnival is tonight. Kira has so far won two costume awards in three years. Mark has never won a prize, even the year he went as Peter Pan (wearing TIGHTS! The boy braved wearing TIGHTS to a SCHOOL FUNCTION and did not win. Particularly irksome to him because his sister, who did not even ATTEND the school yet, won for the ACCOMPANYING costume of Tinkerbell, both costumes I sewed for them.) When Kira won again the next year, as Dorothy, Mark told me that Kira was NOT ALLOWED TO WIN a third year in a row. No problem, as Kira decided last year that she wanted to be Darth Vader. When we were out trick-or-treating, we walked past a little boy, who turned around to look back at Darth Vader and saw Kira's hair hanging down past her helmet. He very loudly complained to his mom, "Darth Vader can't be a GIRL!" I thought Kira was going to whack him with her light saber.

Anyway. Personally I hope that Kira *does* win a prize tonight, as I worked my ass off on it. (well, unfortunately, not LITERALLY off, although that would be very nice, as the ass in question is rather considerable, and not in a good way.) But MY prize was seeing how excited she was about it yesterday when she came home, and tried the whole thing on, and then flitted around the house. She loved it.

OK, I am again putting off real work that needs to be done (in this case, pretzel rods that must be dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in sprinkles, for this afternoon's first grade party). Off I go. mk


Becca said...


My name is Becca. BM has issued an invitation to those of us who view her blog to visit those she has listed as blogs she visits, and you are on her list, so HI! I am also an ex Maniac who now lives in Oregon. I divorced my ex in Maine in 2000. You have a great blog and your kids are so cute! Mark telling you that he didn't want you on the computer all day, what was that all about, sorry, I was just being nosey. I hope that you are having a great weekend!

Take care,

markira said...

Hi, Becca! Thanks for the compliments.

Mark thinks I spend too much time on the computer. (Honestly, he's right. I am totally computer-addicted.) So his comment was pretty much on the same level as me telling him to do something, ANYTHING, rather than play videogames all day. In other words, do something CONSTRUCTIVE, Mom!! :D

Speaking of, I should now go do laundry or some other domestic torture.

Hope you stop by again!! Have a great one. mk