Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lov. Ing. It.

Wireless guy came. He was here for about 3.5 hours, ended up having to have the owner come out too and do a software upgrade on the radio installed on the roof of the barn. (note: wireless guy was YUMMY. Too young, though, and probably has a girlfriend anyway. sigh. But still very pretty to look at.) Anyway, I now have wireless installed, and it is much, much faster than the sad, pitiful dialup I have suffered with for far and away too long.

Have had other changes to system as well, including a switchover to Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. And I got AdAware downloaded, as well as updating my Spybot Search & Destroy, and the ZoneAlarm firewall. And made sure my virus definitions were all up to date and did a scan and all. So I've got a fair base level of protection on the computer, and it's all current and everything. Of course, after I ran AdAware, I somehow deleted ALL my cookies, including all my signin stuff for email and blog and all that, so I am grumbly a little. But not too much, 'cause I HAVE FAST INTERNET. I am very very pleased with that.

'Cause wireless guy was here longer than expected, I had to leave immediately after it was hooked up to make it to the school volunteers meeting....didn't even get to play with my new toy!! But I'm okay now, 'cause I've had a few hours with it, have downloaded a few things (very speedy....a 5mb file used to take me 45 minutes to download, now it's more like 45 seconds).

And now of course, because I HAVE faster Internet, I can't think of a single thing I need to do with it. Went to go download a song or two, couldn't think of one I wanted. Total brain freeze.

OK, so now I'm exhausted and heading to bed (where I will surely think of ten million things I immediately have to do on my computer). Even though tomorrow is usually my sleep-in morning (due to kids being at X's on Wednesday nights) I do have to wake up before 8 'cause Mark has to stop by and pick up the math homework that he forgot to bring to school today. He gets 10 points taken off for every day it's late, so if he waited until Tuesday (Friday and Monday the kids have off from school) he'd get docked 20 points right there, even IF he had the whole thing right, which I doubt because he wouldn't let me check it.

(side rant: you would THINK that a kid would appreciate having a mathematician for a mom, someone who could make sure that he understood all his homework and did it correctly. But nooooooooo, not my kid.)

OK, I'm off. Later. mk

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