Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's Got a Good Beat

So I've been waiting ages to get Internet capable of actually downloading music in less than forty-five minutes (and sometimes longer....I have files that have been queued for MONTHS), and now that I *can,* what do you think I do with it?

I get tons of Weird Al Yankovic.

In my defense, I do have a pre-teen boy. Who had a friend overnight last night, and somehow Eddie mentioned some song that Weird Al did, and I somehow got into this conversation with them, comparing songs I'd listened to when I was Their Age. And before I knew it, I had 29 Weird Al songs downloaded.

I think it's hysterical the way kids are listening to the SAME STUFF I listened to, and they think it's so cool, until you mention that it's been around since you were young, and then suddenly they look at YOU like you have three heads (WTF).

On the whole three-headed-look thing, I chaperoned Activity Night at the school last night. Grades 5-8. My first assignment was a room where six or seven of the eighth graders had set up camp with a CD player. I walk in, they were dancing. Until they saw me. Then they stopped. I went over to the side, y'know, as out of the way as I could, and the music kept playing, but they were just standing there. Then a song came on, and it was (oh my) one of the Weird Al songs I had just downloaded for Mark. So I blurt out, "I *just* downloaded that" and I got THAT LOOK. In multiple. Yah. So after that I didn't say anything. Even when several of the songs later were stuff I had on my iPod. Stuff (you guessed it) that I'd been listening to since I was Their Age. And still like to dance to.

I KNOW that when I was a teen/preteen, I hated adults who tried to come across like they weren't a thousand years old and totally out of it. But now I AM one of those adults, and y'know what? Revelation! These things don't just die on you. I've got this sixteen year old trapped inside me screaming BUT I LIKE TO DANCE TOO YOU LITTLE SNOTS.

And for the record, I know our kids' math scores aren't what they should be in this country, but try to understand this concept: Thirty-five is NOT EQUAL TO a thousand. Yes, I AM old enough to be your mother (duh), but that does not make me a dinosaur. Still got blood moving in these veins, and it still pumps to a beat, people.

OK, end rant. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to listening to "Livin La Vida Yoda." And maybe a little "Bohemian Polka." mk

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