Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Those Magic Changes

Lots of new stuff happening around here. I've got my new car stereo (which I LOVELOVELOVE), I'm getting the wireless Internet hooked up today (they'll show up somewhere between 11 and 1), John's coming to put in the new drain pipe for my basement, hopefully starting the end of this week. All of which are definite improvements in my life, but will be causing a little amount of stress and disruption before the good stuff. :D

S'ok, I've been dealing with a lot of stuff I haven't handled well in the past (mostly social interaction) and seem to be doing okay with it for right now.

I do have a few things that are "pending." I hate pending. I'm impatient at my best, and knowing that I have to WAIT for things is irritating. I'm "pending" on my Medicare Part D application, so that means I'm "pending" on the MaineCare application, and I'm "pending" on the heating program. I'm "pending" results from all the blood tests I had done yesterday, and the tests the doctor ran last week. None of this even includes the home projects that are "pending," like the installation of my fence, which has to wait until John is done with ripping up the lawn to put the pipe in (hopefully I'll get the fence in before the ground freezes); building doors for my shed; getting rid of the big ol' truck my dad has parked here for THREE OR FOUR YEARS that I am veryveryvery impatient to get rid of; installing the window in my shed (right now there's just a big hole in the wall where the old window broke); trying to work on a roofing program, which has to wait until I hear about the heating application; painting the ceiling in the upper hallway; sanding and re-mudding and painting the ceiling and walls in my bedroom; installing the pipe in the trench for the sump pump hoses so they're not snaking across my lawn, which again has to wait until John has done his thing; etc etc.

I suppose I just get it done one step at a time, but man, it's like this big bottleneck right now, and even the thought of getting all this stuff done (on TOP of kid schedules like soccer and STAR and Brownies and HSV, which I have a meeting for this afternoon provided the wireless guy is done by then, 'cause I'm not leaving him here alone), and the housecleaning, which I have neglected horribly, and the laundry that is so far behind it's disgusting.....I need to get back to my checklists, I think.

But right NOW what I need to do is switch over the laundry and continue trying to make the house reasonable for when the wireless guy shows up. Blah. Off I go. mk


The Beast Mom said...

I hate housework. It feels like such a waste of time, precious time I'd rather be using for other things. Laundry definitely falls under the housework category. I just cleaned all the bathrooms this morning and vacuumed, etc. Laundry was yesterday so soccer uniform would be ready for tonight.

Our school had a walk-a-thon, probably the same week as your walk to school thingy. The kids had to walk for over 2 hours in the blistering hot sun. It was unusally warm for that day. I volunteered at it and took photos for Claire's teacher. So I walked ZERO steps, except from my car to the grassy field. :)


markira said...

Yes, soccer uniform has been the motivator for many loads of laundry these last weeks. I'm actually rather thankful for it, because else I may have just let the laundry go undone forever. :D mk