Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wedding Panic

I often use the computer to escape from real-life responsibilities and stress. Which is why I am making this list instead of actually combating the issues I am about to relate.

The wedding is 80 hours away. Actually, TOMORROW begins the festivities, with a dinner at Brenda & Brian's house. Here are some of the reasons I am freaking out:

* Um, PEOPLE. I'm sure I must have mentioned a time or two that people scare me. There will be 140+ people at this thing.

* Brian does not have a tux yet. The tux he ordered arrived yesterday and is ALL WRONG. They have something on super-rush order that *should* arrive tomorrow. I believe I will be hitting Goodwill to see if they have any more of those $5 suits.

* Brenda doesn't think she likes her dress. That she had made. She is worried that it is not flattering. She has an alternate dress that she ordered on eBay, which is currently at the dry-cleaners. To try and fix a giant stain neither of us noticed until I think last week. Also, there was a reason the alternate dress was not the primary dress. Probably something to do with fit. Hopefully that issue has been resolved. Jeans are looking more and more like the way to go. ;)

* Brenda also has not made a final selection on jewelry. I realize this is minor.

* I am not tan. In fact, my legs are blindingly white. I am wearing a knee-length dress with no hose. I have never actually done that before, largely due to my blindingly white legs, which never seem to tan. I am getting a spray tan tomorrow morning, which should remedy this.

* I am getting a spray tan tomorrow. Never done that. Really, REALLY hoping it looks good, as it will last over a week. Fortunately, this spray tan is being done via airbrush, so I will not have the Ross effect. I hope.

* Did I mention I'm wearing a knee-length dress? And that we're having the ceremony on the ship? Considering how windy it was there yesterday, I may be flashing lady-bit parts at the entire "congregation." Where is my duct tape?

* Brenda is now considering that she might change at the reception, to be more comfortable for the contra-dancing. She does not yet have a top to go with her contra skirt. I went shopping for her yesterday and found four possibles. That she has not yet seen.

* We are not hiring out for the catering, decorating, or flowers. Are we insane?

* Brenda has 700 stems of flowers being delivered tomorrow. The kiddie pool in which we are going to keep these flowers hydrated is currently sitting in my yard. I do not own a truck. I live 12 miles away from Brenda.

* We were planning to put together a photo board to display at the reception. That has not been started yet.

* We're borrowing tables and chairs from a local church. These have not been picked up yet.

* The tents are due for delivery and setup tomorrow. This is when we will find out if they will work with the venue.

* No decision has been made yet where to put the buffet tables.

* This is a working shipyard. The spaces are still in use, and have not been cleared. Much less begun to be decorated.

* The boats aren't ready. In fact, the Rendezvous is still at the marina where it spent the winter being renovated. Yesterday was planned to launch; that has been rescheduled for today.

* The programs are not assembled. Brenda actually has someone planned to do this, I think today. I think.

* I've never made a corsage or boutonniere in my life. Did I mention we're doing our own florals?

* There will be people there! PEOPLE!!!

* We have not done Brenda's test-run on her makeup. We think we're going to do that tomorrow, somewhere in between deciding on her wedding dress, checking out the jewelry, picking a top to go with her contra skirt, and a bunch of other wedding stuff. Oh yeah, and hosting a dinner at her house for an unknown number of people. (out of town guests coming in for the wedding, and Brenda's parents, I think.)

* The kids still have all of *their* regular stuff. Today Mark has an away game (which is actually closer than our "home" field). That's at 3:45. Kira has practice at 5:30.

* I had literal nightmares last night that I accidentally dropped Brian's ring overboard.

* The boats aren't ready!!!

* We are writing guest's names on beach rocks to be used as place markers at the tables. This has not been done. We will be writing about 140 names on rocks. Sometime. After we set up the tables. That we have not gotten yet. We *think* we have enough rocks.

* Why am I sitting here writing this post instead of working on this stuff?

* I also have to press Mark's suit, double-check Kira's outfit, pack the bride's emergency kit, figure out my spare shoes (because I can tell you, I will NOT be wearing my ceremony shoes through the entire reception), find a sweater or something I can wear with the dress if it's chilly...and I know there's more, I just can't think past the roaring in my ears.

I keep reminding myself that at the end of the day on Sunday, Brenda and Brian will be married. Everything else is just icing. Things will go wrong, of course; no wedding is perfect. I need to roll with it, stop freaking out (it's not *my*'s not *my* wedding....keep saying that, mk) and enjoy as much as possible.

K, I really need to get my ass in gear and get some stuff done. My house is a hellhole. I have not figured out what I am going to wear to the dinner Friday, the mountain hike and mountaintop picnic on Saturday, the rehearsal dinner on Saturday night, or all day on Sunday until it's time to get dressed for the ceremony. I'm not entirely sure my favorite clothes are even clean. That's on today's to-do list. Which I NEED TO GET CRACKING ON.

79 hours.


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Brenda said...

Wow....if I wasn't stressed before, I sure am now. We still have all that to do?!??!?!?

But wait, remember the transformation of my house for Halloween? We can do anything!!!!!!!!

I'm off to the boats but will be thinking of The List....

Bride Bren

Karmyn R said...

The best advice I was given before my wedding was this (and I'll change the names):

None of the other stuff really matters. The most important thing is that Brenda and Brian are there. The rest is superfluous.

Good luck!!!

The Beast Mom said...

Ok, that's stressful. I can see why you guys have been just a little BUSY! I hope it all goes well this weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

Yikes- good luck with everything! I'm excited to hear about how the spray tan works out for you.