Monday, May 05, 2008


In another example of how I can manage to get hurt in the most bizarre ways...

Mark had a baseball game tonight. Small team, they have ten kids (between two schools combined) and one of them was sick, so we had *just* enough kids to play. Not all the parents had arrived by the beginning of the game, so there were four people in the stands on the home team side. Four. Scattered over the entire section of bleachers.

The other team was at bat, and a kid hit a very high pop fly. Someone else in our bleachers yelled, "Look out!" I bent over at the waist and covered the back of my head with my hands. And then BONK! I got hit just below the base of my skull with the ball. DAMN that hurt. (Terminal velocity of a baseball is about 95 mph, BTW)

I think it is likely that I have a mild concussion, and I'll bet tomorrow that I'll have one hell of a stiff neck. Sitting here right now, the pain is going down into my back. I've also been *very* dropsy since we got home. I managed to drop or spill everything I was making for dinner (along with burning myself on the steam from the pasta AND on the rack of the oven). At that point I asked Mark to take over and serve dinner. :D (Then later I made pudding and...yup...spilled that, too.)

sigh. Well, we'll see how it goes. mk


Anonymous said...

Honey, call your doctor, get some pain meds in advance. There's no reason to chase the pain, and with a concussion you know it's coming.

And perhaps a nice helmet? Or a really big gerbil ball? Just to be on the safe side...

The Beast Mom said...

I agree w/ Katesaid. You should get it checked out at least. Don't mess with whacks to the skull. :)


markira said...

eh, I just left it alone and I'm pretty much all better. Just a tiny bit of lingering soreness, no more than that. I lucked out.

If I had had continuing symptoms I would have gone to the doctor.

Thanks you guys for worrying! Am checking into full-body bubble suits.