Sunday, May 18, 2008


Disclaimer: many bloggers have the dilemma of how to handle issues that they want to blog about, but are concerned that it involves people that they know read their blog. In this particular case, I am choosing to deal with this as if Brenda does not read my blog, even though I know that she does. So the following is my totally honest feeling and reactions, undiluted and uncensored.

So, Brenda gave me a present yesterday to thank me for the bridal shower. (I, the etiquette "expert" of my set, was unaware that a present from the bride was expected for this maid-of-honor duty, but hey, who am I to turn down a gift?) She gave me a clue before I opened it. My clue was: 48.

My best thinking was not equal to the task (have I mentioned lately that I'm a little tired and brain-dead? Yeah, that.). So I continued on to the actual opening.

She gave me a ticket to see STOMP!

This is item #48 on my 101 list. I have been dying to see this group live, for years. She and Brian also have tickets, we are all going together to see them on September 27th. I am beyond thrilled. And, AND, we are in the fifth row, center! The fifth freaking row!!!!!! I have a good chance of getting dusty and/or wet during the performance!!!

Actually, I am near tears with gratitude, not only for this gift, which is amazing, but for the opportunity that Brenda has given me, the level of involvement I have had with this wedding. I am privy to knowledge about the inner workings of this event that no one else has, except the couple themselves, and I am just so grateful that I have been allowed so close. I feel guilty for her appreciation of my work on this project, because I am just so happy to be such an integral part of it. I definitely don't feel I deserve gifts. And that she put such thought and effort to provide me with something so incredible, such a fantastic experience, that I have been so craving, is just monumental. (I speak here of both Stomp! and the maid-of-honor privilege.) I'm not sure I could ever truly express how much this has all meant to me. I truly don't think that I am ever going to find someone that I want to spend the rest of my life with, I think my chance at love is past, regardless of what others tell me, and I am just so excited to have the ability to be a part of creating such a great celebration of love that this wedding will be.

And Stomp! Gad, I can't wait to see it! This is something that I put on my list as an ideal, not as something I ever realistically expected to achieve. To share it with Brenda, one of my favorite people (and proximity throughout the wedding planning has only increased my love for this amazing friend), just makes it all the better. I honestly don't think she could have possibly done something greater than this. Wow.

OK, I'm getting sappy and I know it. But I'm all sentimental (hey, I'm going to be part of a WEDDING in a week....I need sentiment levels at maximum!), and here it is.

Anyway, wanted to share. HAD to share. How totally cool. mk


Anonymous said...

Awesome! We saw Stomp in Boston a few years ago, definitely not 5th row center - but it was an amazing show, so much fun!

And the only thing cooler than having close, special friends is being able to recognize what you have while you have it.

Karmyn R said...


And obviously - there is a reason you are her Maid of Honor...she considers you a great friend and loves you dearly!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome- I've wanted to see Stomp as well- I'm so happy for you!!1

P.S. miss you

Anonymous said...

mk - good for you...!! I agree w/ your are lucky to have (and realize) such good friends.

When I read all about the good things you do for your kids, and how great a mom you are to them, I can't help but feel that your "chance at love" has NOT past.....!!

Your chance will come again soon; because YOU DESERVE IT!!

Your going to be a fantastic maid-of-honor, I've no doubt!


The Beast Mom said...

Cool! I hope you have a great time at the show. Sounds like you guys have a fantastic friendship. :)


The Beast Mom said...
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The Beast Mom said...

Ok, so sorry about the double comment! Delete!

markira said...

Did. :)