Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well, the wedding is past. I've been completely wiped out since then. Today is the first day I have been able to actually remain upright for more than a half-hour at a time. Joanna told me that it's the sign of a really great wedding if it takes multiple days to recuperate. Well, then, Brenda's was INCREDIBLE. ;)

It really was. The bride was glowing (come to think of it, so was the groom). The food was marvelous, the contra dancing was a total blast (I have never had so much fun making a complete idiot of myself), the bonfire and s'mores were great. Everything looked fantastic, the bride was totally gorgeous, the ceremony had everything in it I could ever wish for my own. There was so much personality in it, humor, love.

For a gift to her husband, Brenda hired a wonderful artist to compose and perform a song at the reception, chronicling their personal journey. It is titled "Magic and Mist," and was just the most amazing thing. Brenda, Ellen Tipper and I were the only three in the world who knew about this before it happened. I hadn't heard or read the song, though, and hearing it performed actually made me cry. (I had never in my life cried at any part of a wedding.)

There were, of course, a few little bumps on the road to greatness (including the joy of starting to make the bridal bouquet 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet the photographer at the home where we were getting dressed! Brenda did a fabulous job, though--it was beautiful.), but really, they were minor and the entire thing went so much more smoothly than I had anticipated. Really, it was awesome. We heard from several people that it was the best and most fun wedding they had ever attended. I know it was for me.

Mark had my camera, and took over 200 pictures. Of those, three were of me. He really took to heart my instruction that I wanted lots of pictures of Brenda and Brian....I *meant* as opposed to the girls!...a few more pictures of his MOM would have been okay!!! Well, at least I made it into a few of the wide-angle shots of Brenda and Brian! ;) (I still love you, Mark.)

Of course, I end with photos. Don't worry....not all 223! mk

The happy couple & the best man. You can't see me because I'm way off to the left, on the other side of the ship's wheel.

Hey, one with me in it!

During the handfasting.

One of the three pictures Mark took of just me.

Hurray! Married!

The wedding cake. This picture does *not* do it justice. All of the decorations (the coral, rocks, shells, sea glass) were made of sugar. And it was absolutely delicious to boot.

Kira before the ceremony started. I think this was a surprise "hey, Kira!" shot, as evidenced by her wildly swinging hair as she whipped around. I included this picture to show you the table decorations, which were votive candles, beach rocks, and sea glass. Place markers were beach rocks with guests' names written on them. Unfortunately, it was too windy to actually light the candles.

Kira showing her love and respect for her brother.

And one to show that she really can look peaceful and pretty if she wants.

Nice artistic shot of my mom.


Anonymous said...

Wow- the bride looks beautiful- fabulous pictures! You look great, too- the color is gorgeous on you. It sounds like you were probably the BEST maid of honor ever...wish I'd known you when Bill and I married! On Tuesday, I asked Mark how the wedding went, and he looked at me like I had two heads and said fiiine. Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Also, I meant to comment on the picture of your mother. It's a great shot. Did Mark take it?

markira said...


Yes, Mark took all the pictures I've shown from the wedding. I took some at the salon, but he did all the rest.

I *love* the color of my dress, and it's so comfy. We'll have to plan something fancy to do sometime so I can wear it again!