Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well, Brenda's bridal shower was on Saturday, and it went *great*! No major mishaps, everyone seemed to have a good time, there was more food than could feed twice as many people (I always get a little panicky that we might run out....*definitely* no worry on that one). The bride had a good time, there was a LOT of laughing, it was just great. Success!

The best game that we played was the one I was the most nervous about. Kira has about a billion Barbies, and I grabbed a bunch, along with some pre-measured lengths of toilet paper (20 sheets). Everyone had five minutes to create the best wedding dress for their Barbie. (no tape or anything, to keep the dress on was part of the challenge) The bride was the judge at the end.

Brenda with the two winning designs.

The Bride-to-be made one too, just for fun.

We had some incredibly creative results...everyone did such a great job, I'm glad I'm not the one who had to judge!

The happy couple.

Now we're in the final run to the wedding...and we are NOT ready. eek! mk


Karmyn R said...

I've never seen the TP wedding dress put on Barbies before - that works great. AND - less TP is used than on the real bride.

markira said...

Yup. The entire TP usage was about one-half of a 50-cent roll. Gotta love it.

The Beast Mom said...

Really sweet photo. :)

That is - the couple, not the toilet paper. :)


Anonymous said...

That's such a cool idea to put TP on Barbie's. I'll have to remember that for your future wedding!!!! ;o) Ro

Cynical Nymph said...

That is such an awesome idea for a shower game!!

I'm stealing it at the next shower I'm involved with!