Friday, March 07, 2008

My daughter the Ice Queen

Kira's doing a play in class today called "Sun and Ice." She is Ice. It's not a play that they are performing for the school or for parents (bummer), just for the rest of her class.

Kira made the mistake of telling me about the play.

I LOVE plays, and drama (I was in drama club in high school--techie, mostly), and my inner costume mistress took over. I was trying to help Kira find a great outfit to represent Ice. I even thought about her wearing her silver Tooth Fairy costume (I'd just remove the teeth). She very firmly reined me in.

So, we compromised. She's wearing a light blue sweater, white leggings under a short white skirt, and she has silver ribbons in two ponytails. She looks adorable. And (sigh) very appropriate for a play that is going to take about five minutes of her school day.

I did run her lines with her several times this week, including twice this morning. She has it down cold. (hee hee)

Now if she had only let me make the icicle


Julie Pippert said...

I hope it goes well. From all the preparation you've done I imagine it will! Sounds very exciting for her. Break a leg wishes!

BarnGoddess said... icicle necklace would BE the BOMB!!!! awesome, she needs to let you make it!!!!

I read your below post. My 14yo son has given me THAT very same 'talk' about his privacy almost 2 years ago....I still put his photos on rarely BUT I still DO.

markira said...

Julie, thanks....the play was a great success. She didn't miss a single one of her lines and she had fun.

BG, I KNOW...the icicle necklace would have been GREAT. But she said NOBODY dressed up like their part (except her), so I guess it was okay...sigh. And Mark is sadly mistaken if he thinks I'm going to go completely without writing about him! I've agreed that Mark + GIRLS is off limits (for now), but that's ALL I agreed to!!! :D