Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chuckles and Irony

Just a little collection of things that made me smile the last week or so.

* When my pastor made a surprise visit to me while I was in the hospital, he walked in while I was reading a novel Brenda brought me called "The Naughty Neighbor." That book sat on my hospital tray during his entire visit, practically glowing.

* The week before my surprise surgery, I had mentioned in therapy that I refused to give in to my paranoia that I was ridden with disease. I specifically mentioned that after my mom had a huge ovarian cyst removed, I was completely convinced that I had one, but I had never mentioned it to the doctor, because I figured it was like medical student syndrome, where med students believe they are suffering from many of the symptoms of whatever disease they are currently studying. Or, like as soon as you buy a new car, you see that same make and model everywhere. I think God is laughing at me now.

* The first night I was out of the hospital and staying with my parents, my mom walked me upstairs when I went to bed to make sure I was settled in well (and to carry some of the ton of crap I brought up with me, mostly pills). She left after reminding me to call them if I needed them. Shortly after that, I reappeared downstairs, to their surprise. I said, "Well, so much for that 'call me if you need me' crap. You can't hear me." After that I had my cell phone with me on the nightstand, so I could literally CALL them if I needed help.

* This company makes the best catalog ever. The descriptions are freakin' awesome. I was laughing so hard I had to grab my stomach from the pain and put the catalog away. Check out the Torture-Tested items.

[I should probably tell you that my parents consider me the next-best-thing to actually *having* a son. I am really craving some of the Duluth items, particularly the ones made out of fire-hose material. If you don't like that kind of stuff, you might not think the Duluth catalog is that funny.]

* Our Florida friends sent up two suitcases full of clothes for Kira. (STUFFED full) When the kids came to visit me on Saturday, Kira did an entire fashion show of trying on the clothes. She made an imaginary runway and everything, complete with the end pose, turn, and pause again with a spin partway back up the runway. Quite the little model. I think we've been watching ANTM too much.

* Brenda and Brian brought me a salmon-colored rose in a vase with some baby's breath and greenery the first day I was in the hospital. The rose has died. Mom refused to throw away the baby's breath and greens because they were still healthy and I ended up holding the vase all the way home yesterday. With no rose in it. But fresh water. To keep the baby's breath alive.

* Another thing that has made me smile: the cards, flowers, magazines, get-well basket, emails, and comments I have received wishing me well. I am blessed in my friends. Thank you, people! mk


Cynical Nymph said...

So glad you're feeling better and that your parents got a chance to take care of their girl :)

markira said...

Thank you...I've had a really good recovery so far. My parents got off easy, I think. ;)

Anonymous said...

The Naughty Neighbor, huh? LOL