Thursday, March 06, 2008


I've been censored.

That's right. My freedom of speech has been attacked, my Constitutionally guaranteed First Amendment rights have been blatantly trampled upon.

My son has forbidden me from writing about him and girls anymore.

Technically I'm not even supposed to be writing *this,* but dammit, people, I couldn't just leave you with silence, unexplained. I can't be that cruel!

Apparently Mark is more than a little embarrassed by references that people have made to his sudden interest in girls. Some of these comments have been mine (and you know, he's just going to have to live with those...I'm his mother, I'm required to give him a certain amount of grief, it's in the manual), others have been his grandparents' (and my dad teases HARD), his sister, and a friend of mine who also happens to work at the school my children attend (really, Ro, did you mention Nicole to him in front of the entire class???? dang, woman, that was cold.)

And so, respecting his privacy has become a condition for him to continue to confide in me. As much as I would love to continue to regale the world with these awesome, memorable moments in my boy's journey to manhood, I need to honor his request. It's much more important to me that he feel that he can talk to me, than that I have good blog fodder.

Totally sucks. I had some REALLY great stuff to talk about, too. sigh.

I am allowed to talk about him, as long as it is absolutely nothing that concerns girls.

Yeah, that's not leaving much these days. mk


Anonymous said...

Hardly! Her name came up and the girls were smirking about her to Mark and I said, yes, Mark, you're still friends with her, right? His face went beet red. Whoops. Didn't mean for that to happen. Sorry!!!

markira said... Mark remembered it was talking about Nicole moving back and you saying "You'd like that, wouldn't you MARK?" Probably with spotlights. And possibly reverb.

I believe your side. I also believe that Mark HEARD it his way. heh heh mk